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940 Chapter 940

Ron had already invited him to come to his clan If he managed to win the Captainship.

If that was the case, he was going to be with the Thunderlord Clan, possibly in the Royal Palace.

After learning the skills there, he planned to leave on the journey back to the Realm of Summon to retrieve the last stone.

Throughout the way, he believed he could avoid any traps set up by the Rasin Clan, especially since no one could know about his plans other than him.

And as long as the Rasin Clan didnt come from the front to attack him, he was sure he and Gabriel could face any enemies.

Thats why he didnt worry about his future.

His future wasnt in other peoples hands.

For him, his future was what he could make of it.

For now, his focus was on his goal, to become a high-ranking member of the Star Alliance so he could travel on his own without having to worry about the other factors.

The old man couldnt see even a shred of fear in Lucifers face.

He didnt know if it was because Lucifer was confident that he could keep himself safe or if it was because he was underestimating the dangers because he didnt know the true strength of the Rasin Clan.

In any case, the old man couldnt do much.

He could only do basic things like writing to the Queen about what happened here and how Lucifer was in danger.

He could request her to keep Lucifer safe since he was so special, but other than that, there was nothing for him to do.

He couldnt protect Lucifer himself outside of this place.

This was where he was to stay forever…

“Are you really not worried about the Rasin Clan”

“I dont think worrying will keep me safe.

If it could, I wouldve been safe all my life.” Lucifer smiled in response.

“Whats going to happen will happen.

The ones who want to kill me will try to kill me.

The ones who want to hurt me will try the same.”

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“Nothing I do can change their mind, especially not worrying.

So why worry about whats to come My focus is on winning the Trial and getting the Captainship.

Thats all!”

“Can I ask why youre so eager to get the Captain Rank Instead of being concerned about your life, youre more concerned about the Captainship Rank Why is that Why is the Captain Rank so important to you”

“Just because it is,” Lucifer vaguely answered.

He wasnt going to tell the old man his goals, especially not his true goals.


If you dont want to answer, I wont ask.” The old man stepped back, getting off the stage.

“The exams for the day are over.

The top three teams are in the finals.

Everyone can go back and rest for now.

The final stage will be held tomorrow, and the winner will also be decided right then!” The old man declared as his body started rising in the air.

“The ones who managed to qualify, congratulations! Just remember, things will get even harder tomorrow.

So get proper rest!”

The old man started flying back, disappearing into the distance.

The moderators started taking back all the participants in small groups.

Only Lucifer didnt go along with any of the groups.

Instead, he used his own winds to fly back with Maya and Malin.

Today was the last day when they were going to be in a team.

From tomorrow, they were all competitors for the top rank.

However, even Malin and Maya knew that they couldnt defeat Lucifer.

They werent even in the competition at this point.

They didnt even hope for the top rank.

Instead, they wanted to get the highest rank that they could under the three seeds.

There were nine people in the final, and most of them were stronger.

Just getting the fourth and fifth rank in the Trials itself was worth being proud of for them as that meant they were the best after the seeds, which was quite good for their future.

Both Maya and Malin looked at Lucifer, still in shock about what had happened.

None of them spoke anything along the way.

Lucifer dropped Maya and Malin before the entrance of the base.

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Without speaking much, he walked to his room, leaving the two ladies behind.

He walked inside his room and closed the door behind him.

For some reason, he felt like laughing as he took his clothes off.

But it wasnt over what happened.

It was because of Joana.

He knew Joana wanted him to become a Captain and then a General.

It was so he could have a higher support system in the Star Alliance.

He could only imagine Joanas reaction when that guy was going to find out that before Lucifer could even become a General, he made a General his enemy.

Imagining Joanas reaction made him feel like laughing.

He took off his bloody clothes before walking to the Mirror.

He looked at the mark on his back, checking if it had increased in size since he last saw.

Unsurprisingly, it had become slightly bigger in size.

He really wanted to know what was the meaning of this mark, but the only one who could answer him couldnt be reached until he received the last portal Fragment.

Until then, he had to live in curiosity.

He could approach the Star Alliance and ask them to find out what this mark was, but even he knew that it was stupid.

If that mark had anything to do with his Bloodline, then it was like him going to the Star Alliance with a board hanging above his head that he was who they were looking for!

Droplets of water started falling over his body as he entered the shower to calm his head.

While Lucifer was calming his head, the old man who was in-charge of the Trials was sitting in his office, lost in deep thought.

He was trying to frame the words with which to inform the Queen and the Star Alliance about what took place here.

He let out a tired sigh.

“That kid… He increased my headache.

If only there were no deaths, how good would it be…”

“As soon as the Rasin Family finds out about this, their warships are going to be here, waiting for the portals to open.

The Star Alliance ships would be here too.

This place… Itll become a zone of conflict.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid that.

I cant keep this news a secret…”

“Only the Queen can do something about it.

So first, Ill send her the message and consult with her….”

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