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942 Chapter 942

“Whats so special about that gown” Lucifer couldnt find anything special in that, other than it being slightly thicker.

However, since everyone looked at the gown in amazement, he had a feeling that they knew something he didnt.

“The Gown of Ice Queen is the treasure from Rayis home world.

If I were to give a comparison, it would be equivalent to my fathers most prized treasure.

My father doesnt even let me touch that treasure.

Apparently, her mother didnt have any such restriction,” Ron explained.

“She would probably have some nice advantage going forward.

Itll be fun.”

“I realize that something is special about that gown, but what That was my question.

What can that gown do” Lucifer repeated the question, getting even more curious about the gown.

“Absolute Freeze and absolute Defence,” Ron answered.

“That means she is completely immune to attacks as long as shes in that gown.

Its not called one of the top five treasures in the world for no reason.

Because these treasures are so special, many bandits or Families want them.

Thats why its surprising that a young girl was allowed to bring something like that here.”

“Maybe because her mother thought that this place was safe Its still somewhat amusing.

Just to give her daughter a better chance of Victory, her family risked their treasure.

If its stolen or she is kidnapped, I can only imagine the commotion thatll happen.”

Almost all the participants knew what a big deal it was.

Even some of the moderators were amazed.

It was as if even they didnt know about her possessing a treasure like that.

The old man stepped out behind Rayi.

He was the only one who knew about this.

He had also expected this reaction from the other students.

He was sure that the participants were going to call him biased since he allowed their own uniforms to be worn in the final, despite knowing what Raayi brought with her.

He wasnt wrong either.

Many people were thinking that, including Lucifer himself.

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The sudden change in rules… It appeared to be something that could give an advantage to Rayi.

On one side, there was Ron, who wore something that made battles harder for him.

On the other, there was Rayi, who wore something that removed all the Challenges in a sense.

“You said the Gown makes her completely immune to attacks Im sure there must be a way to defeat her even with the Gown.

If the Gown were actually invincible, her mother wouldve been the Queen of the Star Alliance and the entire universe, just based on that treasure.”

“Of course, the gown isnt invincible.

Its only near invincible,” Ron responded.

“The gown has two forms of defense.

Close range, and long-range.”

“If someone attacks from close range and touches her when shes wearing the gown, they are affected by Absolute Freeze.

And by Absolute Freeze, yes, I meant the same that we faced on top of the Mountain.

For ones like us, that means instant loss.”

“What about long range attacks”

“The gown protects her from long-range attacks through a protection Barrier.

That barrier is the weakest link and the weakness of the gown.

If the barrier is broken, long range attacks can hit Rayi.”

“However, breaking that barrier isnt easy.

The strength of the barriers is almost the same as the strength of defense barriers used by the Star Alliance ships that are given to Captain Rank Members.

Im sure that should be enough to give you an idea why the Gown is called a near invincible treasure.”

“You said your father has a similar treasure Is that also as strong”

“Yeah, something like that.

But my fathers Worldly Treasure isnt for defense like that gown.

His Treasure is purely for the offense.

Maybe thats why Im not allowed to touch it until I take the throne.”

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“Anyway, that aside, the finals will certainly be interesting, to say the least.

Youll be there.

Then Rayi will be there with that Gown.

Im so glad I came here! This was exactly what I was looking for! Winning here would be worth it!”

“If you want Challenge, shouldnt you not give any handicap” Lucifer asked, noticing the attire of Ron.

“For challenges, the strongest of yours need to fight the strongest enemies.

Is there even any challenge in that when you weaken yourself Isnt that insulting the challengers and, in turn, insulting yourself”

He didnt even know if the finals were going to be about battles, but still, he felt that Ron wasnt receiving what he wanted.

“Hmm You know what this does And here I thought you didnt know what all these attires were.

Anyway, youre partially right.

Im indeed underestimating my opponents, but I wont underestimate you or Rayi.

When its your turn, I wont have this shirt and robe.

Youll get the strongest of me against the strongest of you.

So you dont need to worry about that.”

“I wont make it that easy for you, my friend.”

“It seems everyone is here.” The old man counted all the youngsters.


He started rising in the air and flew into the distance.

The other Moderators also flew behind him, taking the youngsters with them as well.

For some reason, everyone started rising higher and higher into the sky, which stunned the youngsters.

Why were they going to the sky instead

Even after flying high in the sky, they didnt stop.

They reached the atmosphere of the world and passed it as well.

It was only after everyone reached the worlds barrier that the old man stopped.

Lucifer looked back at the world, confused.

Why were they brought here He wondered if they were made to leave because of Manders death But if that was the case, how could he get Gabriel with him That was the question in his head.

He needed to go back to the world if they were indeed being made to leave.

On one side of the barrier, the old man and the youngsters floated.

On the other side, there was a massive ship, seemingly waiting for them.

“Are we going back home” One of the youngsters asked.

“What happened to the finals”

“Youre not going back home.

Youll only leave when someone from your Crew is here to take you.

For now, youre all going someplace else.” The old man placed his hand on the barrier, creating an opening in the barriers.

Through the opening, he left and took the youngsters with him.

Lucifer kept glancing back at the world.

This was a headache for him, but he couldnt do anything.


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