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Chapter 1013: Rising To Fame

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Actually, Ye Shengge suspected that Ji Shiting wouldnt have paid attention to her career if she hadnt brought it up.

To him, entering the entertainment world was more like a hobby.

Did it matter how much she could achieve

“Very good.

Then your first work must be a hit.” Shang Tianyi finally smiled.

He was getting more and more overbearing, and almost no artist under him dared to argue with him.

“You want me to shoot a TV show first” Ye Shengge thought for a bit.

“Thats right.

Outstanding movies have a long production cycle, and theyre not suitable for being your comeback works.

You dont have much room to showcase yourself in low-budget commercial films.

Art films dont have much of a splash.” Shang Tianyi picked up a stack of scripts and threw them on the desk.

“Although you havent been around these past few years, theres still an endless stream of movies that you are invited to act in.

These are all.

However, these movies dont have much potential to explode.

As for this one, I think you should take a good look.

The character profile of a lead actress is different from the roles youve played in the past.

The team is also very strong.”

Shang Tianyi took out a script and put it in front of her.

Ye Shengge immediately knew what was going on.

“‘The World Its almost the same production team as Xue Ning, but the investor isnt T.S.


Xu Xiangjie isnt a director anymore,” Ye Shengge said as she flipped through the information.

“Thats right.

Even if you dont rely on Mr.

Ji, you still have a high chance of getting the role,” Shang Tianyi said.

“Besides, the male lead, Su Yao, is an artist of our company.

Hes been popular these two years, and his acting skills are good.

You can rest assured.

With the two of you, itll be difficult for this show to not become popular.”

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “No problem.

Ill go back and take a look.

By the way, help me keep an eye on the movie script.

I dont want to stop now.”

Shang Tianyi was shocked.

“You dont plan to rest in the middle Does Mr.

Ji agree”

Ye Shengge curled her lips and said, “Hell agree.”

Shang Tianyi looked at her for a while and said, “Shengge, what… happened between you and Mr.



I just havent acted in a long time, and Im addicted,” Ye Shengge said jokingly.

“What about the two babies I thought you wanted to spend more time with them,” Shang Tianyi said carefully.

“Ill definitely accompany them in my free time,” Ye Shengge said as she closed the script.

“Is there a problem”

Shang Tianyi didnt probe further seeing that she didnt want to talk about her family.

Besides, Mr.

Ji had sent her here himself, so there shouldnt be any problems between them.

Shang Tianyi said, “The filming for this show is about to begin, and the original lead actress suddenly had a problem, so she had to be replaced at the last minute.

I contacted Xu Xiangjie when I heard the news.

He was thrilled to know that you were coming back, and he agreed to give you an audition.

As long as your performance passes, he can convince others to give you the role.”

If she hadnt retired for three years, Xu Xiangjie mightve given her the role without even needing an audition.

However, no one knew whether her acting skills had deteriorated or not.

Ye Shengge wasnt afraid of an audition.

She nodded, picked up the script and said calmly, “Okay.”

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She talked to Shang Tianyi about the companys development for the next hour, and then she called Ji Shiting.

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