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Chapter 1055: Chatting happily with the Actor

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Tang Ranran recalled her performance in the company and could not figure out

how she had offended Sun Ye to make him so wary of her.

He even intended to let Ye Shengge know of her existence, so today, he gave

her the task of delivering food to the production team.

He probably wanted to

use Ye Shengge to chase her away.

Fortunately, she gave a reasonable explanation, so Ye Shengge probably did

not suspect anything.

Before she made any progress, she did not intend to

confront Ye Shengge directly.

After some thought, Tang Ranran walked to her desk and picked up a propOsal

and fashion magazine she had prepared the night before.

She pushed open the

door and entered the office.

Coincidentally, Sun Ye was walking out when the two of them met.

Sun Ye stared at her with an unfriendly gaze.

Tang Ranran smiled and waved

the proposal in her hand.

“The CEO told me to show it to him immediately after

Tm done.

Sun Ye could only restrain himself and watch as the woman walked into the


Ji Shiting sat behind his desk and looked at the computer screen.

He tapped his

fingers on the desk as ifhe was deep in thought.

Tang Ranran knew that this

man was always especially focused when he was working, so she did not

disturb him.

Instead, she quietly placed the proposal on the desk.

After a few minutes, Ji Shiting finally looked at the proposal.

He took it and

lipped through a few pages.

He nodded slightly.

“Not bad.

Youve worked


“You flatter me.” Tang Ranran smiled brightly.

“I saw Madam today.

Shes really


Ji Shitings eyebrows twitched.

“Were you the one who went to the set this afternoon

“Yes.” Tang Ranran nodded.

“Madam is very happy.

She said that she would

personally thank you.”

Recalling the message from Ye Shengge, ji **ings expression became


“Is her filming going well

Although Sun Ye had reported it to him, Tang Ranran definitely knew more

since she was the one who carried it out.

“Of course.

When I got there, Madam was chatting with other actors.


looked very good.”

Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows and looked up at her.

“Other actors”

He remembered Ye Shengge telling him that there were many male actors in

this movie that she was filming now.

“That actor is also an artist under Shisheng Studio.” Tang Ranran smiled.


probably because of this that Madam has a good chat with him.”

The male actors chatted happily.

Those two words made Ji Shitings eyes darken.

‘Has this woman not given up on the idea of having an affair Could it be that I

had not performed well enough these few days

“If theres nothing else, you can leave now,” he said coldly.

“Alright,” Tang Ranran said as she put down the fashion magazine in her hand.

“The picture on the folded page is a gift that I think Madam will like.

You can

take a look.”

Ji Shiting did not comment.

Tang Ranran did not mind and turned to leave the


Ji Shiting took a look at the fashion magazine and only reached out after a


That day, Tang Ranran reminded him that he still had a solution and that was

to give her a gift, so he handed the task over to her.

After al, he didnt have

that much time, so the gifts he gave Ye Shengge were all from Tang Ran Rans


From the looks of it, the effect was pretty good.

However, this woman was currently surrounded by a bunch of male actors.


was not easy for him to make her happy, so he could not let all his efforts go to


But he still had two children at home.

He couldnt possibly go to the set every

night to watch over her.

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