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Chapter 1062: She Wanted to Get Married

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“You cant do anything well.” Lin Ran was very impolite.

“I dont feel like Im dating at all when Im with you!”

Sun Ye gritted his teeth and pulled her to the pantry.


Ima little busy with work and dont have much time to spend with you, but Im doing this for our future!” Sun Ye said.

“The property prices in Yang City are so high, I want to buy you a big house!”

Sun Ye and Lin Ran were not locals, so it would definitely be harder for them to establish themselves in Yang City.

As Ji Shitings chief assistant, Sun Yes salary was not lower than that of the higher-ups.

He also received dividends every year.

That was why he had been in Yang City for a long time.

However, he was usually in contact with the top wealthy families, so his horizons naturally became higher.

He also wanted

to work hard to get a villa, so he did not dare to relax at all.

Lin Ran snorted.

“I dont care about a big house! I have my own house!”

Ye Shengge was a generous boss.

Over the past few years, Lin Ran had saved up quite a lot of money.

“Dont mention your small apartment…” Sun Ye expressed his disdain.

Lin Ran kicked him angrily.

“You have the cheek to criticize me when your eyes are high but low.

We are different from Mr.

Ji and Fourth Young Master Qiao to begin with.

If you insist on using them as your goal, you wont tire yourself out.”

“I didnt target the president either…” Sun Ye didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Sun Ye stood rooted to the ground.

He only came back to his senses when he heard footsteps behind him.

He turned around and saw Tang Ranran smiling.

“Assistant Sun, are you alright”

“Nothing.” Sun Yes expression immediately turned cold and indifferent.

“Do you need help”

“No.” Sun Ye said grumpily and turned around to walk to his desk.

“Assistant Sun, that girl said that she cant afford to delay any longer.

Dont you understand” Tang Ranrans voice sounded faintly.

“You two have been together for a long time, right I guess… at least two years.”

Sun Ye frowned.

Even though he had always been wary of Tang Ranran, he was still attracted by her words.

Thats right, he had been with Lin Ran for more than two years, but how did Tang Ran Ran know

“So what if I am”

“Thats right.” Tang Ranran chuckled.

“Clearly, she wants to get married.”

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