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Chapter 1066: Handsome And Caring Boyfriend

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At that time, Lin Ran was fanning Ye Shengge with a fan.

The weather was gradually getting warmer, and Ye Shengge basically wore her costume for the entire day.

It was really stuffy and hot.

Even though her scenes for today had ended, she was worried that the director would ask her to make up the scenes,

so she did not dare to change her clothes.

Hence, she was not in a good mood.

However, when she saw Su Yaos cautious expression, she couldnt bear to be ruthless.

Lin Ran did not have much resistance against Su Yao.

She suppressed her excitement and nudged Ye Shengge gently with her elbow.

Ye Shengge accepted her fate and sighed.

She took the fan from Lin Rans hand and fanned it a few times.

Then, she asked, “Which scenes”

Su Yao immediately revealed a bright smile and quickly flipped to one of the pages.

“Its this one.

Im not too sure about it.”

Ye Shengge took the script from his hands and glanced at it.

She nodded.

“This scene is considered the first turning point.

Its indeed hard to grasp.”

$u Yao nodded and looked at Lin Ran, revealing his white teeth.

Sister Xiao Ran, can you give me your seat”

Although Su Yao was young, he was an adult.

He was tall and had long legs.

He could only bend down when he stood in front of Ye Shengge.

However, there was no empty seat beside Ye Shengge, so he placed his attention on Lin Ran.

Lin Ran was dazzled by his bright smile and stood up without hesitation.

“Sure, take a seat.

Il get you two some water.”

“Sister Ran, youre the best,” Su Yao said as he sat down on Lin Rans empty seat without hesitation.

Ye Shengge didnt mind.

She took out a pen and started to explain the scene to him.

“To understand this scene, you have to contact the male leads background.”

$u Yao listened attentively and nodded obediently.

Lin Ran watched from afar and suddenly felt emotional.

‘Sister Shengge is really compatible with everyone..

If only Sister Shengge had not married Mr.

Ji so early back then.

If that had happened, Sister Shengge might have been able to conquer most of the male idols of the entertainment industry:

However, Mr.

Jiis the best.

With Mr.

Ji, all the other male idols could stand aside.

There seemed to be no regrets.

As Lin Rans thoughts ran wild, she took three bottles of cold drinks and walked over.

Just as she was about to open them, Su Yao had already taken the cold drinks from her.

He opened one bottle and handed it to Ye Shengge, then opened the second bottle and handed it to Lin Ran.

The last bottle was for


Ye Shengge was still explaining the scene to Su Yao.

She took the cold drink but did not care.

Lin Ran was moved to tears.

‘Awesome, it would be great if I had such a handsome and considerate boyfriend… Thinking about how she was looking at handsome guys all day in the entertainment industry, she felt baffled as to why she had fallen for Sun Ye, the big bastard!”

‘Big bastard!

Although she was the one who initiated the breakup, there had been no news of Sun Ye at all ever since, there had been no news of Sun Ye at all, nor did he try to redeem himself.

It was exactly the same as before… That made her even more certain that her decision was right.

Go to hell, bastard! She wanted to find a handsome guy to date and anger him to death!

‘After Lin Ran cursed in her heart, Ye Shengge finally finished her speech.

“Now you understand, dont you” She breathed a sigh of relief and took a sip of her cold drink.

Su Yao nodded.

“Sister Shengge, youre amazing!”

Ye Shengge was quite pleased to see the boys enlightened expression.

She smiled and said, “Go ahead.”

‘Oh right, Sister Shengge.

I booked a small bar in the hotel for a party tonight.

Do you want to come” Su Yao said with a smile.

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