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Chapter 1068: Faint Provocation

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On the way, Ye Shengge leaned against the seat and pretended to sleep.

Lin Ran was busy scrolling through Weibo.

Just as they were about to reach T.S.

building, Lin Ran suddenly patted her arm.

“Sister Shengge! Your photo with Su Yao is trending!”

Ye Shengge opened her eyes.

“What photo”

“This!” Lin Ran placed her phone in front of her.

“Didnt Su Yao accidentally fall on you in the afternoon Who knew that someone would take a photo of him! And the photo of you telling him about the show! After an entertainment account had posted it, it was reposted by many Internet celebrities and

instantly became popular all over the Internet.

These Internet celebrities are all saying that you guys are having an ambiguous relationship or something… This is obviously a pro!”

Ye Shengges expression turned cold.

“So, Su Yao did that on purpose to take these ambiguous photos.

Why did he do that If it was a publicity stunt, Shang Tianyi would have informed me.”

It was common for actors to be involved in scandals during filming, but since it was a publicity stunt, it usually required the managers of both parties to agree that if she did not cooperate with Su Yaos one-sided publicity stunt, it would be very likely to be messed up.

Moreover, Su Yao was an artist under Shisheng Studio.

Although his manager was not Shang Tianyi, he would not be so unreasonable.

Therefore, this matter was very likely Su Yaos doing.

‘What is this kid trying to do

‘Tl contact Brother Tianyi right away.

Fortunately, these photos only show that you two are on good terms.

Its very easy to clarify,” Lin Ran said decisively.

“You and Mr.

Ji enjoy your alone time.

Leave this matter to me.”

Ye Shengge smiled in relief.


This girl was able to hold her own now.

After arriving at T-S.

building, Ye Shengge got out of the car.

After Lin Ran sent her to the elevator, she returned to the car and went straight to Shisheng Studio.

Ye Shengge soon arrived at the floor where the presidents office was.

She walked out of the elevator and went straight to Ji Shitings office.

When the secretary and assistant saw her, they looked up and greeted her with smiles.

Ye Shengge smiled and nodded, but she did not see Sun Ye.

He was probably in the office.

With this thought in mind, Ye Shengge pushed open the door and entered.

But immediately after, she was stunned.

Ji Shiting was sitting behind his desk, flipping through the documents in his hands.

He looked like he was about to sign the documents, but the person waiting beside him was not Sun Ye, but a slim figure.

Not only that, the woman leaned forward slightly and said something to Ji Shiting.

Ji Shiting nodded slightly and signed his name.

Then, the woman handed him a document and smiled.

Ye Shengges pupils dilated.

She immediately recognized this woman, but… wasnt this woman the second assistant

The authority of the Presidents Office was clear.

Ordinary assistants were directly responsible for the Chief Assistant, so all the work was handled by Sun Ye and Ji Shiting.

Ordinary assistants could not even enter Ji Shitings office easily.

However, the woman in front of him looked calm and collected.

Moreover, she and Ji Shiting had formed a certain level of tacit understanding, It was obvious that she was already familiar with this job, which meant..

she basically did the work of the chief assistant.

Recalling the provocation in this womans eyes that day, Ye Shengge bit her lip hard.

At this moment, Ji Shiting finally looked up.

“Shengge” The man raised his eyebrows in surprise… “The production team is on holiday Why didnt you give me a call beforehand

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