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“Let go first, Sister Shengge…” Su Yao looked at his wrinkled shirt.

“If you touch me like this, everyone might think were really having an affair…”

“Do you think Im a fool, Su Yao Or do you want me to treat you as a fool” Ye Shengge said coldly.

Su Yao blinked, still looking innocent and aggrieved.

Ye Shengges face was cold.

“Su Yao, the company treats you well enough, doesnt it All the resources are spent on you.

Youve developed the best on your path,” she said slowly.

“So, what are you dissatisfied with”

Su Yao still looked aggrieved, but his pupils contracted.

“Youre not even afraid of offending T.S.

Corporation… Its obvious that the person who instigated you isnt an ordinary person.” A name appeared in Ye Shengges mind.

“Is it Xiao Ruilang No, thats not his style.

Besides, he has no reason to do so…”

Xiao Ruilang had stopped talking after what had happened last time.

Ye Shengge had only seen news about him on the news occasionally this month.

However, she couldnt think of anyone else besides Xiao Ruilang who was trying to destroy her relationship with Ji Shiting…


“Do you know Tang Raman” Ye Shengge blurted out.

Su Yaos expression didnt change.

He smiled and said, “Who is she”

However, Ye Shengge was already fifty percent confident after seeing his performance.

Ordinary people might covet Ji Shiting, but they wouldnt smile disdainfully in front of her.

However, Tang Ranran obviously didnt think much of her, which meant she had something to rely on.

Since she had figured that out, she couldnt be bothered to talk to Su

Yao anymore.

She said coldly, “Dont bother me in the future.”

Su Yao watched her leave pitifully.

Many staff members saw the two of them arguing, and more people were discussing curiously.

However, Ye Shengge couldnt care less.

She was wondering whether her cold war with Ji Shiting would give Tang Ranran a chance.

She wouldnt let Tang Ranran go easily after being kicked out of T.S.


Fortunately, Ji Shiting was already prepared for her.

After hesitating for a while, she decided to maintain the current situation.

Perhaps Tang Ranran could bring about a change, just like how Tang Ranrans appearance yesterday had completely destroyed her fantasy.

Ye Shengge smiled bitterly, feeling confused.

She had finally made up her mind, but she didnt know whether Ji Shiting would be moved or not.

If he still hadnt changed, how would they continue

Ji Shiting didnt go to the company in the morning, and the board meeting was canceled.

After sending the two kids to kindergarten, he returned to Qianfan Villa and walked into the study.

Jinchen had found the hard drive on the desk for him before breakfast..


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