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Chapter 1095 Watching the Show

Public opinion was indeed hostile to Ye Shengge.

Although Su Yaos acting skills were good, he was still a popular young actor, and he hadnt broke free from the situation of relying on his fans to make a living.

However, with his temperament and appearance, the fans attracted were all motherly.

In their hearts, Su Yao was the most innocent and cute in the world, so they always liked to imagine others persecuting their idols.

All the actresses who had worked with Su Yao before were scolded badly by Su Yaos fans.

Ye Shengge was no exception.

Besides, Ye Shengge had been controversial ever since she debuted, and she had retired for three years.

As soon as she came back, she used Su Yao to hype herself up.

It was obvious that she was here to gain Su Yaos popularity.

How could they stand


Some people rushed to the official Weibo account of Shi Sheng Studio to clarify the rumors, some people rushed to Ye Shengges Weibo account to scold her for being shameless, and some unbearable profanities.

Some people rushed to Su Yaos Weibo to comfort him.

Ye Shengge was amazed after browsing through it.

No wonder Lin Ran was angry.

“Sister Shengge, why dont we clarify the scandal” Lin Ran gritted her teeth.

“Its Su Yao whos been bothering you!”

She then looked at Su Yao, who was wearing a costume not far away.

He didnt dare talk to Ye Shengge anymore, but he still refused to be obedient.

He turned to talk to the other female celebrities on the set, which made Lin Ran angrier.

“At least its getting popular.

Isnt that why were spreading rumors” Ye Shengge was calm.

She smiled.

“The more controversial the scandal is, the more people will pay attention to it.

Im several years older than Su Yao, and Im his boss.

Its difficult not to pay attention to such an exciting persona.

Tsk tsk, Ive seen the same person book for a few days.”

Lin Ran frowned, but her expression changed as she listened.

“Whats wrong” Ye Shengge put the cup on the desk and looked at her.

“Are you really okay, Sister Shengge” Lin Ran asked carefully.

“You can tell me if theres anything.

Ill definitely help you.”

Actually, Lin Ran was already surprised that Ye Shengge had agreed to Shang Tianyis idea for her to pretend to be in a scandal with Su Yao, but she couldnt figure out why Mr.

Ji was so indifferent.

Sister Shengge didnt mind the negative comments online at all.

She even felt like she was watching a show.

Sister Shengge was still fine when she returned to T.S.

Corporation yesterday afternoon.

Ye Shengge pursed her lips and smiled.

“No, dont think too much.”


Ji will definitely attack these negative comments online, right” “No, I told him not to interfere.” Ye Shengge shook her head.

“Shang Tianyi will be interested in the public relations surveillance.

If this scandal starts to have negative effects on me, hell definitely be the first to clarify.

Dont worry.”

Lin Ran puffed her cheeks and said, “Im just angry…”

“Then dont look.” Ye Shengge smiled and pinched her face.

Lin Ran couldnt help laughing

Lin Ran pushed her hand away and said, “Stop it, Sister Shengge… Im traumatized by this action now.

Sun Ye used to like it.”

She was obviously upset at the mention of Sun Ye.

Ye Shengge suddenly recalled that Sun Ye was from Lin Rans hometown.

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