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Chapter 1102 Delicious

Lin Ran was grabbed to the side by a group of staff members, and she was greeted with burning gazes and questions.

“I can accept it if you say Ye Shengge married a rich man like Ji Shiting, but, but…” An assistant of a female star on the set grabbed Lin Rans arm.

“Ji Shiting is still so gentle and considerate.

If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, I wouldnt have believed it! You dont even know how excited Sister Yanran was when Mr.

Ji showed up.

When she saw Ji Shiting walking to Ye Shengge, her face turned pale… She wanted to get close to Mr.

Ji, but Producer Xu stopped her!”

“Did you guys notice how Ye Shengge threw a tantrum at Mr.

Ji Mr.

Ji didnt take it to heart at all and smiled even gentler,” another staff member said.

“Lin Ran, youre so mean.

Why didnt you say so before”

Lin Ran had just joined the cast when she was asked whether Ye Shengge had really married into the Ji family.

Lin Ran only smiled but never said anything.

Now that Mr.

Ji was on set, she didnt have to hide it anymore.

She smiled and said, “Mr.

Ji treats Sister Shengge very, very well! Its really better than you expected!”

Everyone sighed again in fantasy.

“Look at Su Yao.” Someone poked Lin Ran.

“He looks terrible… Is he really interested in Ye Shengge Otherwise, normal people should be afraid and not angry, right Isnt he afraid that Ji Shiting will take revenge”

Lin Ran said smugly, “Sister Shengge asked Mr.

Ji not to interfere, so Mr.

Ji wont hurt Su Yao.

He doesnt want Sister Shengge to be angry, otherwise, she will ignore him.”

Everyone was rendered speechless.

Very well, their impression of Ji Shiting was still on that video.

Whatever aloofness and coldness had been completely destroyed.

“By the way, its best if you dont tell anyone,” Lin Ran said.

“Dont sell the photos to any gossip accounts.

Sister Shengge doesnt like it.

If Sister Shengge is angry, it means Mr.

Ji is very angry.

When that time comes…”

“We understand.” Everyone looked solemn.

“Producer Xu emphasized it to us too.”

When Ye Shengge put down her chopsticks, the man opposite her handed her a clean tissue.

She wiped her mouth and realized that Ji Shitings rice was still untouched.

“Arent you hungry” She couldnt help asking.

“No.” He smiled.

“Im already full seeing you eat.”

“No.” He smiled.

“Im already full seeing you


Ye Shengge blushed and snapped angrily, “Ji Shiting, stop it…”

‘Where did he learn all these… clumsy flirting skills

However, she still took the bait.

The man smiled and put a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Do you have time for lunch”

“Ive got about half an hour.

You can take a nap.” She avoided his fingers.

“Go back quickly and ask Sister Xiu to prepare something for


She couldnt help pursing her lips.

What feast for the eyes… At the end of the day, he just disliked the taste of the bento box and said he would eat with her… as a nice excuse.

Ye Shengge couldnt help cursing.

“Speaking of which, I havent seen you act in a long time.” The man raised an eyebrow.

“The role youre playing this time seems to be a peerless enchantress”

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