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Chapter 1106 Tricked

Tang Ranrans expression changed.

“So what He already has experience and remembers the key data.

As long as hes given some time, he can still replicate the results!” “The problem is that your father doesnt have that much time.

As long as its fruitful, your father wont give him a chance to test it.

After all, once he uses a human body to test it, your father will be doomed.” Ji Shiting sneered.

“If Xu Wei could really be so useful, he wouldnt have lived until today.

His escape back then was indeed beyond my expectations, but even if he lived, he wouldnt be able to do anything.

The reason I let him be free is to wait for your father to take the bait.

Didnt you notice that your fathers focus has changed recently It gave Jiang Yu a chance to catch his breath.”

Tang Ranrans expression changed.

She was the presidents daughter after all, and her political sensitivity far exceeded that of ordinary people, so she immediately knew that the man wasnt bluffing.

She had been fooled!

She even suspected that Jiang Yu had arranged for her father to find Xu Wei.


Ji, Ive underestimated you.” She calmed herself down and smiled.

“I dont understand why you have to cooperate with Jiang Yu.

Hes unreasonable.

Even if you help him become the president, he wont give you any benefits.

Why dont you cooperate with my father My father is already the president.

He only needs to be re-elected.

The chances of him succeeding are higher than Jiang Yu.

As long as you agree, Ill convince my father to hand Xu Wei to you.

You can do whatever you want.”

Ji Shiting was dazed, then he nodded and said, “Youre indeed a smart person, Ms.


“Does that mean youve agreed to cooperate with my father” Tang Ranran immediately smiled.

“Dont worry.

I wont attack Ye Shengge, and I wont destroy your relationship, but if you like me, I dont mind…”

“No,” Ji Shiting interrupted her.

“Im not interested in either you or your father.”

Tang Ranrans face paled.

Ji Shiting looked around and saw the director.

The director walked over and smiled, “Youre here, Mr.


Whats the matter” “This lady isnt the parent of the child.

Please investigate how she got in.”

There was a gantry at the entrance of the kindergarten, and parents had to swipe their cards to enter.

The security was so strict because all the kids in the kindergarten were from rich families, and safety was of utmost importance.

No matter how Tang Ranran got in, it was a flaw in the security system.

He had to find a way to resolve it.

“Theres no need to ask her.

The Xu family has a grandson in this kindergarten.

I asked them for the access card, and they didnt dare not give it to me.” Tang Ranran smiled smugly.


Ji, my father is the president after all.

No matter whether he has less power or not, this status is still enough for others to be respectful to me.

Even if you change kindergarten, I can still find a way to get close to your two babies.” Although the director dealt with rich and powerful people every day, he was shocked to hear the words president.


Ji, this… This…”

“Very good.” Ji Shiting nodded.

“Thank you, Ms.

Tang, for making me determined to make your father step down as soon as possible.”

Tang Ranrans expression changed.

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