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Ji Shiting looked well-dressed as if he had just returned from work.

He took out her phone from his pocket and said, “Shang Tianyi called just now.

He seems to have something urgent to talk to you about.”

Ye Shengge then recalled the commotion on the Internet yesterday.

She subconsciously glanced at him.

Since she didnt want Ji Shiting to interfere, she didnt want him to know about the rumors on the Internet.

Now that Sun Ye was on leave, no one should report her scandalous rumors to him.

That man didnt have the habit of reading gossip news, so he might not know yet.

Sure enough, Ji Shitings handsome face was calm, and his dark eyes didnt contain any anger.

Ye Shengge was relieved.

She smiled at him and said, “Forget it.

Lets ask for leave.

Um… Go out first.

I need to get dressed.”

The man leaned forward and looked at her bare shoulders.

“Cant you wear it in front of me”

“Im afraid youll flare up!” She complained.

Ji Shiting chuckled, stroked her face and left the bedroom.

Ye Shengge didnt call Shang Tianyi until the man left.

“Hows the situation now” she asked.

“You finally picked up the phone… Speaking of which, I remember you dont have a good relationship with Xiao Ruilang,” Shang Tianyi said hesitantly.

Ye Shengge was dazed upon hearing that name.

“An hour ago, he opened a Weibo account to refute the wife of the president of Star Han Corporation,” Shang Tianyi said wryly.

“Not only that, he even publicized his selfie and said that he had pursued you before.

If youre the kind of person who would do anything to succeed, why didnt you choose him After all, hes richer, handsome, and unmarried.”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

“Is… Is there something wrong with his brain”

“You know that Xiao Ruilangs face is still very confusing.

In a sense, hes even more attractive to girls than Mr.

Ji,” Shang Tianyi said objectively.

“After all, Mr.

Ji is aloof, but Xiao Ruilang at least looks very approachable.

Thats why his voice is good and bad for you.

On one hand, you can take off the hat of a third party, and get rid of rumors like you being on the casting couch.

On the other hand… First, it was Su Yao and then Xiao Ruilang.

The public thinks youre a loose woman and a potential pretentious woman, especially Su Yaos girlfriend fans and Xiao Ruilangs new fans.

Theyre especially rude to you.”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless for a long time.

“However, Xiao Ruilang helped me,” Ye Shengge thought optimistically.

“At least my reputation is saved.”

“What kind of a good reputation is being a pretentious girl” Shang Tianyi said scornfully.

“Thats not what passersby think.

After all, theyre all speaking up for me.

Its one thing for Su Yao, but Xiao Ruilang has nothing to do with me.

His support means a lot, right” Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow.

“Lets end this first.

Agree to cooperate with Xu Xiangjie as soon as possible.”

“Will Xiao Ruilang take the chance to hurt you” Shang Tianyi was worried.

“No, hes just bored.” Ye Shengge frowned slightly.

However, Xiao Ruilangs involvement made things complicated.

Someone might report the entire matter to Ji Shiting soon.

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