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Jing Tong frowned and said coldly, “No.”

After returning to Yang City, she found a job as an interpreter and lived a life as a white-collar worker.

Although it was ordinary, it was the best outcome she could imagine.

As for Jiang Yu, he was in a high position and was very busy.

They wouldnt have any interaction anymore.

She suddenly recalled that she didnt like Tang Ranran because she had tried to seduce Jiang Yu, but she hadnt succeeded.

“Hes so heartless.” Tang Ranran sighed.

“Now that hes cooperating with the people of the cabinet to impeach my father… I think hes just too free.

If a woman were to control him, he might not be so annoying.”

Jing Tong chuckled inwardly.

To Jiang Yu, nothing was more important than his goal.

“Why are you here in Yang City” Jing Tong asked.

“I saw a set of photos online recently.

Youre the female assistant of Ji Shiting in the photos, right”

“Thats right.

Unfortunately, he doesnt know whats good for him!” Tang Ranran sneered.

Jing Tong couldnt help gloating.

“Have you forgotten how my father fell Are you not afraid that President Tang will end up like my father if you threaten Ji Shiting” She said.

Tang Ranrans expression changed.

She had thought that her tricks wouldnt affect her fathers career, but it turned out that Ji Shiting was more ruthless than she had imagined.

It had only been two days, and Star Han had been investigated because of the capital chain, and he had almost found President Tangs secret assets.

Fortunately, she had cut her losses in time and saved her familys secret career, but she had suffered heavy losses this time.

How could she not be angry

“I dont dare compare to Uncle Jing.” Tang Ranran suddenly smiled.

“Speaking of which, does Jiang Yu really not care about you anymore I wanted you to introduce him to me.

After all, even my father cant stop him in private.”

“Didnt I say I have nothing to do with him If you want to contact him through me, youve found the wrong person.”

“Do you think my father will agree to the marriage proposal” Tang Ranran smiled.

Jing Tong said, “I told you, its none of my business.

Why are you asking me”

She was just an ordinary person now, and she didnt want to get involved in the struggle between the people at the top of the pyramid at all.

“Hell agree if theres any benefit, but dont expect him to give you any warmth,” Jing Tong said.

“But no one can use him.

Everyone knows what your father is up to.

Be careful not to be eaten by him.”

“Seems like you know him very well.” Tang Ranran was still smiling.

She bit her lips.

“Will you be jealous if I marry Jiang Yu”

“Lets talk about it after you marry him.” Jing Tong resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

The waiter came to serve the food and interrupted their conversation.

Jing Tong picked up her chopsticks and started to eat.

She hadnt eaten at such a high-end restaurant in a long time, so she had to eat her fill.

Tang Ranran fiddled with a strand of hair while pondering about something.

Thus, both of them were shocked when they heard clear and rhythmic footsteps.

Jing Tong subconsciously turned around and saw a tall figure.

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