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She pursed her lips and refused to let him go deeper.

At the same time, she pushed his chest with her hands.

Jiang Yu had to let her go.

In the next second, Jing Tong slapped his face, but the man stopped her wrist.

“Will your feelings for me be rekindled if I accept you now” Jiang Yu stared at her.

“Im not sympathizing with you, and I dont have any hidden illness.

I can prove it to you anytime if you need me.”

Jing Tong was angrier when her right hand was stopped in midair, but she couldnt be mad anymore after hearing Jiang Yus words.

She was dazed, and then, she couldnt believe it.

“Jiang Yu, what do you mean”

“Exactly what I said,” he said calmly.

“I was sick of your pestering back then, but it turns out that your hatred and resistance made me more uncomfortable.”

Jing Tong blinked and smiled, “Are you… Is this Stockholm syndrome Youre not used to me ignoring you after being pestered by me for a long time Or are you just being cheap”

“It doesnt matter what the reason is.” Jing Tong lifted her chin and looked victorious.

“Impossible, Jiang Yu.

I wont accept you no matter what.

Theres no possibility between us.”

“Dont be so sure,” Jiang Yu sneered.

Jing Tong sneered, “Try it.

Its useless even if you use my determination.”

She hadnt expected that man to say something like a confession.

No matter what, it was a consolation to her back then, although she knew that the man hadnt fallen in love with her suddenly.

He was just used to her being shameless, and perhaps he missed her being shameless.

“Dont be mad, Jing Tong,” Jiang Yu said.

“No, Im not being spiteful.” She lifted her chin.

“Jiang Yu, do you think I have to agree without hesitation as long as youre willing to accept me Sorry, Im not that cheap.

Most importantly, I dont like you anymore.”

Jiang Yu stared at her mocking face as if he was trying to determine whether she was telling the truth or not.

“Let go!” She said again, looking smug and prideful.

Jiang Yu finally let her go.

Jing Tong snorted, turned around and returned to the other side of the bed.

She kicked him and said, “Go down and sleep.”

Jiang Yu didnt move at all and said calmly, “What are you afraid of I wont do anything to you.”

“Werent you the one who forced a kiss onto me” Jing Tong said as she wiped her lips as if she had recalled something and was trying to wipe the kiss and his touch away.

Jiang Yu also saw this scene and frowned.

“Since you rejected me so explicitly, I wont mention it again,” he said.

He had asked her not to be too confident, and she had thought that the man was going to conquer her with the spirit of eight years of war, but he had given up after being refused once

Indeed, his confession didnt mean that he liked her much.

It was just a habit.

She should be relieved, but her heart felt suffocated, and the pleasure of victory was gone.

“Thats for the best.” Jing Tong turned around and slept on the edge of the bed, trying to keep a distance from the man.

She then turned off the light.

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