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Ye Shengge had never accepted brands sponsorship, and she always wore her own clothes.

After all, her cloakroom was expanding, and there would be more and more gowns.

In order not to waste them, she had to choose the appropriate ones in the cloakroom.

Shang Tianyi and Lin Ran entering her cloakroom was like entering heaven, especially Lin Ran.

Perhaps because she was going to be the bride, her eyes lit up when she saw the beautiful jewelry, and Ye Shengge generously gave her a few sets.

Shang Tianyi was jealous, but Ye Shengges clothes didnt suit him, so he had to give up.

“Our funds are already in place.

Were officially the investors ofThe World now.” Shang Tianyi sounded high-spirited.

“The next step is to produce a TV show independently.

Im already looking for suitable works.

Its always right to get a few more IPs.”

“Ill leave these to you.” Ye Shengge stood in front of the mirror and tried on the gown.

“It doesnt matter whether we can earn money or not since were involved in the project ofThe World.

The most important thing is to learn mature production experience from Xu Xiangjie and the others.

Whether the company can transition successfully and get listed depends on whether our next independent show can succeed or not.”

Shang Tianyi said smugly, “Of course.

To be honest, its all thanks to Star Hans withdrawal that I couldnt find a breakthrough point.”

“Sister Shengge, why dont you want to walk the red carpet with Su Yao” Lin Ran played with the jewelry box and asked.

“Is Mr.

Ji finally starting to care”

“Hes always cared, but I dont want to anger him anymore.” Ye Shengge was still picking out gowns.

“Ha, didnt I say there was something wrong with your relationship with Mr.

Ji” Lin Ran was very excited.

“So you two have reconciled now, right”

Ye Shengge smiled and entered the changing room with the gown.

Shang Tianyi glared at Lin Ran and said, “Didnt you see that womans face is flushed Shes obviously been nourished.

Why cant you tell that shes about to get married”

Lin Ran was dazed for a bit before she understood.

She blushed and stammered, “I… Im not married yet…”

“Hey!” Shang Tianyi said.

“Dont tell me you havent checked the goods yet Youre about to get married.

If your husband doesnt do well, youll cry.”

Lin Ran blushed and almost stomped her feet.

“Dont spout nonsense.”

“Ask your Sister Shengge later if you dont believe how important it is for men to be good in bed.

If it werent for Mr.

Ji, would your Sister Shengge be in such a good mood today”

Lin Ran was rendered speechless.

She suddenly felt that what Shang Tianyi said made sense.

Was she going to test the goods first

Shang Tianyi chuckled seeing her spacing out, which made Lin Ran almost hit someone.

They didnt stop until Ye Shengge walked out of the changing room.

“Wow!” Shang Tianyi praised.

“Really, I find it a pity that you dont want to participate in more activities.

Do you believe that your photos on the red carpet are trending”

Ye Shengge looked at the mirror and said, “This one is fine.

Ill continue to try something else.”

Lin Ran completely believed Shang Tianyi because Sister Shengge was in the mood to try on clothes one after another, which meant she was in a better mood than ever.

It seemed that Mr.

Ji had been amazing last night…

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