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“Oh, the wedding… Im so honored!” The host was rendered speechless.

The two of them separated from the host and walked forward.

After a few steps, Ye Shengge lowered her voice and said, “Didnt I say I dont have time for the wedding…”

Ye Shengge changed the topic.

“…Um, Ill ask Tianyi to give me two months.”

Ji Shiting smiled with satisfaction.

The host was tearing up as he watched them leave, until the director yelled in his earpiece.

“Why didnt you ask about the wedding Why are you so silly At least ask about the date of the wedding, you idiot! Youre infuriating! And Mr.

Jis intimate photos with the female assistant.

You have to ask even if it means offending Mr.


When the host interviewed Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge, the number of people watching the live-stream doubled, almost causing the live-stream platform to collapse.

After seeing how the two of them interacted, all the comments were filled with envy and jealousy.

Even those who made sour remarks would be drowned in countless praises.

“The way they look at each other and their actions are so sweet! I didnt expect Mr.

Ji to be such a person.

He really loves Ye Shengge! I thought he was a cold and heartless person… It really subverted my understanding, but I have to say, Ji Shiting is more attractive like that!”

“Did Ye Shengge save the Milky Way in her past life Did she Did she Did she”

“I heard rumors that Ye Shengge had a pair of twins.

She seemed to be pregnant when she was filmingMeeting Cupid… Now it looks like the rumors are true…”

“Damn it! Twins! Did Ye Shengge save the Milky Way and the entire universe”

“It was supposed to be a heartbreaking night for Ye Shengge and Su Yao, but Im not sad at all.

I have a new couple to pursue! Besides, this is a real couple! Im not worried about being tortured at all! I dont even want to watch the award ceremony anymore.

Ill go produce food now! Ill be self-sufficient!”

“Madam above, please give me the address! I want to eat it too!”

“Is there a wife who writes rated content I want to see how indescribable Mr.

Ji and Ye Shengge are…”

The red carpet ended after they signed their names.

Ye Shengge wanted to enter the venue to continue with the award ceremony, but she didnt want Ji Shiting to accompany her.

He had achieved his goal tonight, so Ji Shiting didnt insist.

He lifted a strand of hair from her cheek and put it behind her ear.

“Ill pick you up after this, okay”

Ye Shengge blinked and nodded.

Even though the two of them had separated, Ye Shengge still received many burning gazes after entering the venue.

Artists who she knew or didnt know walked over and greeted her enthusiastically.

Ye Shengge smiled and responded calmly.

On the red carpet, the artists didnt want to be too direct, but when they arrived at the venue, the award ceremony hadnt started yet, so they didnt have to face the camera and continue pretending.

Ye Shengge felt lucky that she hadnt asked Ji Shiting to accompany her.

She saw her position from afar and was about to go over when she saw another figure.

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