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Chapter 119: Romance

It was already late autumn, and the temperature in the hallway was lower than indoors.

Her exposed skin felt chilly.

Ye Shengge couldnt help shiver.

She swept aside her hair and carefully looked up.

Ji Shitings hand was on the door.

He had stopped his motion of closing the door.

He looked calm, but his pupils contracted to the extreme as he stared at her, looking intensely.

Ji Shiting hadnt expected her to look so beautiful beneath the bathrobe.

The womans skin was very pale, and the bright red nightdress was almost translucent under the light.

Her skin was exposed to the air, and her thin shoulders, her delicate collar bone, and her cleavage could be seen… Her breasts werent very big, but they were perfectly shaped.

As she breathed more and more rapidly, the two thin pieces of fabric seemed like they couldnt hold anymore.

He wanted to hold them for her.

She then looked down and saw a perfect dent between her buttocks.

Ye Shengge was embarrassed by his staring.

She felt her body getting hotter, perhaps due to his passionate stare.

She uncomfortably shifted her legs on the carpet underneath her legs.

However, Ji Shiting didnt miss that tiny action at all.

His eyes were immediately drawn to her delicate toes.

His breathing got heavier, but he tried to suppress it.

Ye Shengge couldnt take it anymore.

She felt like she was about to catch fire.

If she had known, she wouldnt have listened to Sister Xius suggestion.

Although he couldnt take his eyes off her, he hadnt thrown her out of the room like a domestic pet.

It was clear that this trick couldnt impress that man, but it made him intoxicated.

Furthermore, she didnt know if there were any servants downstairs… It would be embarrassing if they saw it.

Ye Shengge regretted being reckless.

She bit on her lips and placed a hand on her chest.

She knew how short the top was.

If she bent down a little, he would be able to see everything inside.

She then squatted down and prepared to pick up the bathrobe.

“Cold” Ji Shiting finally said with a hoarse voice.

It sounded like it weighed a ton.

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “I… Im going back.

Rest early.”

As she said that, her hand had already touched the bathrobe.

However, before she could pick it up, she felt a force on her shoulders, and then, she hit the mans chest.

“Ugh!” She groaned in pain, and in the next second, her back was against the wall.

Ji Shiting put one hand on the wall and scrutinized her while stroking her face.

Ye Shengge looked into his deep eyes and licked her lips nervously before forcing out a smile, “Ji… Um, hubby.”

The man snorted and lifted her chin.

His heart burned with a fiery blaze.

Ji Shiting couldnt believe that hed been seduced by that woman so easily.

That woman wasnt the type of woman to flirt with, but even the anxiety and awkwardness on her face made him unable to resist.


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