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Lin Ran had always been very creative since she was young.

When other kids were still watching cartoons and playing with toys, she already had her own dream.

She wanted to be an actress!

After all, everyone had praised her for being beautiful and cute.

She would definitely be qualified to be an actress, right she thought.

At first, her parents didnt think much of it, thinking that she was just a kid talking nonsense.

However, they hadnt expected Lin Ran to be determined to enter the Film Academy during the college entrance examination.

Only then did her parents know that she was serious.

However, Lin Ran didnt get into the college.

At that time, Lin Ran realized that her beauty was only the beauty of an ordinary person, and she couldnt compare to a real beauty at all.

Her parents were disappointed and asked her to repeat her studies.

She refused resolutely and came to Yang City with the ten thousand yuan her parents had given her, determined to fulfill her dream.

However, how could it be so easy to be an actress She was a girl who had just reached adulthood, and she wasnt outstanding in all aspects.

She didnt have a background, and she couldnt even compete with others for a minor role.

After three months, she realized that with her ability, she wouldnt be able to make a name for herself in the entertainment world.

Fortunately, her mind was working.

She wiped her tears, analyzed her advantages and disadvantages, and decided to be an assistant for the big shots.

It was a good way to enter the entertainment world, right After all, an assistant was just doing odd jobs.

She didnt have any requirements for academic qualifications, and she didnt believe she couldnt even be an assistant.

She sent resumes to all the major entertainment companies, and in the end, only a small company called Star Brilliance extended an invitation to her.

This company had only been established for a year, and it had signed on one or two artists.

It felt like it would close down anytime.

Lin Ran actually refused, but at that time, she had no choice but to pack up and report.

However, she wasnt assigned to any artists.

Instead, she was assigned to one of the founders of the company, a young girl who had a red birthmark on her face and who was only a year older than her.

Lin Ran felt that the company was unreliable and was unimpressed by the boss.

However, this disapproval only lasted for a few days.

She soon realized that there was a reason that the girl called Ye Shengge was her boss.

She was smart, agile, and tough, and she had an admirable drive.

At that time, Lin Ran thought that perhaps she could really achieve a career, so she let go of her prejudice and worked for her.

In the blink of an eye, six years had passed.

In the past six years, they had progressed from being superior and subordinate to being close comrades who fought side by side.

Lin Ran had seen every change in Ye Shengges life, and she had also witnessed her passionate relationships.

Although she was still an ordinary girl, she felt that her life had become exciting and rich because of Ye Shengge, even if she was only a supporting actress in Ye Shengges story.

However, there was a scene where she would be the star.

Lin Ran hadnt expected that day to come so soon.

There was no choice.

Her fiancé was a man of action, and he had a clear goal and was very efficient.

This was the fundamental reason why he had become Mr.

Jis capable assistant, and it was also why Lin Ran liked him.

Thus, she finally accepted her fiancés arrangement shyly and waited to be a bride.

Basically, as long as she made a request, the actual operation would be done by Sun Ye.

She and Sun Ye even sent invitations to their respective bosses.

She hadnt expected them to be willing to attend!

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