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He had been unusually busy these past few months, especially in the past few days.

The response to “The World” was very good, and Ye Shengges popularity had soared, but this was not the most important gain.

Not only did the funds invested by Shisheng Studio in “The World” double, but the studio also used this opportunity to establish its own production and distribution department, announcing that the company was officially participating in the competition for film and television production.

This was a more difficult challenge than the simple management business in the past.

Shang Tianyi was nervous and excited.

When he saw Li Yinian, he told her about the situation.

Li Yinian smiled.


Your efforts werent in vain.”

“Its alright.

Its just that Ye Shengge basically ignored the companys matters, which angered me to death,” Shang Tianyi said, but there was no complaint in his tone.

Li Yinians smile widened.

“She joined the production team again recently, right”

“Yes, its rare that Mr.

Ji didnt object.

After all, she only rested for a month this time,” Shang Tianyi said.

“Now, lets talk about your situation.

You said you dont intend to renew your contract, right”

The contract Li Yinian had signed with the studio happened to expire soon.

Li Yinian felt a little guilty.


Im sorry.”

This was the main purpose of her trip.

“Sigh…” Shang Tianyi let out a long sigh.

“Actually, I knew that you would end up like this one day… Since youre not interested, I wont force you.

Unfortunately, the theme song you sang forThe World has been popular recently.”

Li Yinian bit her lip and said, “I think… Ill settle down overseas in the future.”

Shang Tianyi was stunned.

“Because of Qiao Yanze”

“Perhaps.” She smiled noncommittally.

“Also, if I still stay in Yang City, my parents will come back to look for me one day.

I know them.

Its fine if their business is smooth now, but once something goes wrong, their first reaction will be to sell me for a good price.”

Back then, Xiao Cheng had spent a lot of money to marry her.

Later on, Xiao Cheng died and she gave up the inheritance.

Xiao Ruilang gave her a severance package and she gave all the money to her parents before she could successfully escape from the Li family.

Even so, she still couldnt have peace, especially after she became famous.

However, Qiao Yanze had resolved it for her back then, and now…

At the thought of this, she couldnt help clenching her fists.

There would always be moments when she would clearly realize what she had lost.

Shang Tianyi knew her family situation very well.

He nodded slightly and said, “I understand.

However, you can still sign a loose cooperation agreement with the company.

After all, you can choose not to participate in commercial performances or activities, but you wont be willing to stop singing, right”

Li Yinian laughed.

“Thats right.”

Shang Tianyi was obviously prepared.

He quickly drafted a new contract.

This contract only stipulated that she would sing at least three songs produced by the company every year, but she had enough freedom to choose in the repertoire.

Since Shang Tianyi had already shown his sincerity, Li Yinian naturally wouldnt insist.

She quickly browsed through it and signed her name.

“Ive been renting that house in the Jade Spring Palace.

If you dont want to stay in a hotel, why dont you stay there” Shang Tianyi said.

“Anyway, youll be returning to Vienna tomorrow.

Its fine to stay for a night.

As far as I know, Qiao Yanze hasnt been there once in the past few months.

Dont worry.”

Li Yinian bit her lip and said, “Sure.

I moved in a hurry, so I might have left something there.

Ill go look for it.”

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