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Li Yinian didnt avoid this.

She nodded and said, “Yes.”

At this moment, she was still pressed into the mans arms.

Although her hands were on the mans sides to prevent the two of them from being too close, they still looked overly intimate.

From Qiao Yanzes perspective, the womans fair and exquisite face looked unprecedentedly quiet and obedient, giving him the illusion that he could hold her in his arms forever, even if she still refused to let him put his bodys strength on him.

He couldnt help touching her cheek.

“Vienna is a good place.

Stay there and wait for me to pick you up.”

Li Yinian held her breath.

“Qiao Yanze, didnt you say you wouldnt bother me again”

The man snorted.

“Youll come back with me willingly then.”

Li Yinian was stunned for a moment and vaguely guessed what he was up to.

Did he think that investigating the child would resolve their conflict

At that moment, she even wanted to laugh, but that smile quickly turned into sorrow.

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“Qiao Yanze, youre always so conceited.” She smirked.

“But youre really wrong.

Since I said its impossible between us, theres no room for compromise.”

Qiao Yanzes pupils constricted and he tightened his grip.

Li Yinian tilted her face and avoided his hand.

“Since youre sure that Im hiding something from you, go ahead and investigate.

However, I still want to say that youre just wasting your energy.”

Qiao Yanze looked at her quietly for a while and suddenly smiled.

“I understand.

But you have to know that theres no reason to stop me.”

Li Yinian bit her lip and suddenly felt regretful.

She seemed to be getting more and more wrong.

“Let go.

Ill sleep next door,” she whispered.

“Stay here and sleep.” Qiao Yanzes tone was calm but there was no room for rejection.

“You can close your eyes now.”

“I told you I wouldnt touch you.”

Qiao Yanze fell silent and looked at her for a while.

He suddenly snorted.

“You have a point.

After all, I havent had sex in almost half a year.

If you really sleep with me, I might not be able to hold it in.”

Li Yinians eyes widened and she looked away to avoid eye contact with him.

All kinds of emotions surged in her heart, making her eyes burn.

During this period of time, the media had been reporting about the internal strife in the Qiao family.

Qiao Yanze taking down the key business department was also something the media was talking about.

Compared to Fourth Young Master Qiao, the future head of the Qiao family was naturally more popular, so the ownership of Mrs.

Qiao was also the hottest topic in the media.

This man was also very awesome.

His female companions came and went, but none of them were photographed twice, making the paparazzi busy.

Due to this reason, even though Li Yinian had not participated in any variety shows or activities in the past six months, she was still very popular.

Every time the media mentioned Qiao Yanze and his new lover, they would definitely mention her.

Their tone was mostly regretful and sympathetic.

Li Yinian didnt deliberately avoid his scandal.

She knew all this.

She thought that this man would never be lonely at night.

After all, he was really hurt by her last time and had completely given up on her.

He had no reason to make himself suffer.

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But now, he was honest about having never slept with another woman.

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