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“Qiao Yanze!” Li Yinian was exasperated.

She really didnt understand what this man was up to.

“You havent finished your studies in Vienna.

Its a pity to give up the rare opportunity.” The mans tone was still gentle, and his gaze was more comforting.

“I asked my assistant to book a flight tomorrow.

Ill send you there myself tomorrow.”

Li Yinians eyes widened.

What he meant was that he would still fulfill his promise to let her return to Vienna to continue her studies.

So he was just here to “rescue” her today

But hadnt he thought about the consequences of doing so Besides, why did he think she needed to be saved by him

Li Yinian almost instinctively wanted to refute him, but considering that Li Changdong was also present, she had to hold it in.

Qiao Yanze smiled and pulled her to his side with some force, grabbing her waist.

Li Yinian resisted the urge to push him away.

At this point, she could only wait and see.

She wanted to see how this man planned to deal with Li Changdong.

She did not believe that he did not know what kind of person Li Changdong was.

Seeing this scene, Li Changdong couldnt help laughing out loud.

“Okay, its good that you guys have reconciled.

This girls temper is getting worse and worse.

Its rare that youre willing to tolerate her, Yanze.

But you just said that youll send her back to Vienna tomorrow This girl has just returned home.

I want to let her stay for a few more days…”

“I heard from Yinian that she came back because she heard that there was a problem with your business.” Qiao Yanze looked at the woman in his arms dotingly.

“Of course I cant bear to let her worry, so I came to visit today because I wanted to help.”

Li Yinian was even more shocked and glared at him.

Qiao Yanze smiled reassuringly before looking at Li Changdong.

Li Changdong was so excited that he couldnt speak.

This was the son-in-law he had dreamed of.

He had chosen Li Yinian from the orphanage and nurtured her for so many years for such a son-in-law.

“Yanze, this…” He rubbed his hands.

“I wont hide it from you.

Theres indeed a problem with the Li Corporations funds.

Before you came, Yinian suggested that I not do business anymore and switch to Internet finance…”

Qiao Yanze frowned and nodded approvingly.

“Thats right.

Thats a good idea.

If Uncle Li wants to listen to her, I can help.

After all, Im in charge of Fengqiao Corporations business now.”

“Thats right!” Li Changdong was even more surprised.

“Yanze, if youre not busy, you have to stay for lunch.

Ill ask your aunt to prepare a few bottles of good wine!”

Hearing this, Li Yinian subconsciously elbowed the man beside her.

Qiao Yanze immediately smiled and nodded.

“Then Ill accept it.”

Li Yinian was so angry that she wanted to pinch him, but thinking about how intimate this action was, she could only hold it in.

What did this man want Didnt he think he had enough trouble

Li Yinian felt that she almost didnt recognize this man.

When necessary, this playboy, who had always been fearless and arrogant, could also transform into an outstanding junior who was humble, polite, and likable.

He told Li Changdong all kinds of tricks in the Internet financial field seriously and carefully, and he didnt treat Li Changdong as an outsider at all.

It was as if as long as Li Changdong changed careers, Fengqiao Corporation would be his greatest backing, which made Li Changdong happy.

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