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This outcome was already a pleasant surprise for him, which meant that his efforts were effective.

If Li Yinian really allowed him to step into her room, but he might not have the courage and mental preparation.

“Then Ill go back and get my luggage first.

Ill come back later.” Qin Hongyu still couldnt stop smiling.

Seeing this, Li Yinian felt a little guilty.

Although Qin Hongyu was willing to do everything for her, she still felt that she was using him to a certain extent.

Since it was impossible for her to fall in love with him, she should reject him outright.

It was best not to have any contact with him anymore.

However… she was not a saint after all.

She indeed needed the warmth that Qin Hongyu gave her.

For a moment, she even thought of sleeping in the same room as him.

If that was the case, perhaps the intimacy between her and Qin Hongyu would outweight everything that had happened between her and Qiao Yanze.

However, just thinking about it was enough to make her embarrassed—this was unfair to Qin Hongyu.

Besides, she couldnt accept him without any grudges.

At ten in the evening, Qin Hongyu returned with his luggage.

Li Yinian made the bed for him in the second bedroom.

Qin Hongyu looked at the womans serious and busy expression and suddenly felt satisfied.

Li Yinians phone rang at this moment.

She put down the blanket in her hand and smiled at Qin Hongyu before picking up the phone.

It was Ye Shengge.

She only realized something the moment she picked up the phone.

It was about four or five in the morning in Yang City.

Why was Ye Shengge calling her at this time

The next second, Ye Shengges deep voice sounded.

“Yinian, theres something I think I should inform you…”

“What” Li Yinians heart suddenly skipped a beat.

She recalled the sudden palpitation she experienced when she was chopping vegetables in the evening.

As if to verify her hunch, Ye Shengges voice became even deeper, and there seemed to be some imperceptible sadness.

“About three to four hours ago, Qiao Yanze got into a car accident… He was with Gu Yimo, and theyre both in the hospital…”

Li Yinian couldnt hear what Ye Shengge said next.

She shook violently and felt her entire world go dim.

Her mind buzzed, and an extremely unreal feeling made her feel dazed.

It took her a few seconds to regain her hearing.

“…Yinian, are you alright” Ye Shengge sounded worried.

“Actually, I dont know if I should let you know, but Im afraid that if… youll regret it in the future.”

No, she definitely did not want such a thing to happen!

Li Yinian felt her fingertips trembling violently.

She opened and closed her lips several times before saying, “…Hows the situation”

“The doctor said that he lost too much blood and his condition isnt very optimistic.

Currently, Shiting and I are waiting for the results in the hospital.” Ye Shengge sighed.

“After the incident, Gu Yimo was still a little sober.

He only fainted after calling Shiting.

A passerby helped call an ambulance, and they were sent to the hospital in time for emergency treatment… Shiting suspects that it was done by one of Qiao Yanzes siblings, so he temporarily blocked the news.

His parents dont know yet.

If you set off now, you might still be able to make it…”

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