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Chapter 1367: Sleep early ~Translator: 549690339 

It had been almost a year since li Yinian got pregnant and the child was born.

God knew how he had managed to pull through.

In particular, this womans pregnancy was radiant, and her curves after childbirth were even more attractive.

Every time he watched her feed the child, Qiao yanze wanted to throw the young girl aside and do it himself.

Looking at the mans explicit eyes, li Yinian left the study with the child in her arms.

She smiled and said, ” “Hurry up and work.

Go to bed early tonight.”

Qiao yanze could only reply in a depressed manner.

After feeding the baby that night, li Yinian handed the little girl over to the confinement nanny and returned to the master bedroom.

She went through the wardrobe and chose something before entering the bathroom.

After taking a shower, she stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself for a while before finally nodding in satisfaction.

Thanks to her strict control of her weight during her pregnancy, not only did she give birth smoothly, but she also recovered quickly after giving birth.

Now, even her ABS were almost out.


She wiped her body clean and applied a layer of body lotion on it.

She put on her clothes and walked out to dry her hair.

After she was done, she climbed onto the bed and lay down.

She took out her phone and opened the conversation with Qiao yanze after thinking for a while.

Qiao yanze was still in the study.

When his phone rang, he was looking at the report and did not hear it at all.

After a full half an hour, he let out a long sigh of relief and leaned back in his chair.

He began to think about whether he should go back to sleep or finish the report he had received during the day.

Of course, he was more willing to go to bed early, but he couldnt do anything with a warm and soft woman in his arms.

It was really an inhuman torture.

He might as well use work to drain his energy, so that he wouldnt be distracted.

He picked up his phone nonchalantly and realized that li Yinian had sent him a message.

Sleep early ~

The message was sent half an hour ago.

At first glance, it didnt seem like much, but the ecstatic wavy line made him raise his eyebrows.

At this moment, the second message came.

Forget it, Im going to sleep first.

The mans pupils shrank.

He did not even have time to turn off the computer.

He quickly got up and left the study.

When he pushed open the bedroom door, his Adams apple rolled up and down.

The woman was lying on the bed.

Her sexy pajamas could only barely cover her perky buttocks.

Her long and white thighs came into view, and he almost could not think.

He pursed his lips and strode over.

Before he reached the bed, he threw his sleeping robe aside.

At this moment, Qiao yanze was very glad.

In order not to disturb her, he had developed the habit of taking a shower before working.

Li Yinian was still staring at the chat box, waiting for a certain someones reply.

The next second, she felt a weight on her body.

The mans hot body was on top of hers.

Before she could react, he snatched the phone away and threw it aside.

Then, she felt a pain in her ear.

The man had bitten her ear.

“No wonder you told me to sleep early.” He laughed hoarsely and turned the woman over so that she faced him.

His hot palm was already wandering all over her body.

Li Yinian wrapped her arms around his neck, her eyes as clear as water.

Her low and hoarse voice sounded extremely charming in the night.”Then youve made me wait so long, Yingluo”

Qiao yanzes breathing was extremely heavy, his muscles all tensed up and he could not think at all.

its my fault, Zhenzhen, ” he replied vaguely.

His thin lips pressed down and he kissed her hard.

The kiss was passionate and lingering.

Li Yinians body went limp after the kiss.

Qiao yanze stared at her mesmerized face, his Adams apple moving as his large hands separated the womans legs.


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