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Chapter 1782: This kid is a Wolf in his bones.

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This realization made her angry, and she raised her right hand instinctively.

However, before she could slap him, the young man said in a low voice, ” “Sister Qinger, I want you.

Thats why I came to Princeton.”


After he finished speaking, he looked at her quietly, as if waiting for her slap to land.

Qingers heart trembled, because she saw some anxiety and self-deprecation in the young mans eyes, as well as some warm moisture, as if he had completely opened himself to her, and whether he lived or died was all up to her will.

She knew that he might be pretending again, but she still hesitated.

Her breathing was rapid, and her right hand was suspended in mid-air.

The two of them looked at each other, and neither of them said a word.

It was like a silent contest.

In the end, ah Luo gently held her wrist and said with a bit of oppression in her voice, ” “Then, what about you, sister Qinger What do you want to do”

Qinger seemed to have only regained her senses at this moment.

She pulled her hand back with force and opened her mouth, but she did not say anything.

Even she didnt have an answer to this question.

If he had come for her from the beginning, if he had planned this pursuit for a long time, then her previous thoughts were particularly ridiculous.

She only had two choices.

She could either agree to him or lose him completely.

So, should she agree Thats right, she did like him, but the one she liked was the obedient and harmless young man she thought he was, not the one in front of her.

This kind of ah Luo even made her feel a little afraid.

However, she had to admit that the real him was sexier.

The hidden danger and aggressiveness had a fatal charm.

She bit her lip, her heart in a mess.

Perhaps it was because she was silent for too long, ah Luos eyes gradually dimmed.

“Sister Qinger, havent you decided yet” He chuckled.

“Ah Luo, youre Yingluo.” She closed her eyes.”How did you become like this, Yingluo”

The person she had thought was under her control had suddenly become a stranger.

Qinger felt that her outlook on life had been impacted.

There was no disappointment in her tone, only confusion and puzzlement.

because sister Qinger threw me away.

Without you to teach me, I can only figure it out myself, ” said an an with a smile.

Qinger glanced at him and said in a complicated tone, ” “In that case, its a good thing I didnt continue to influence you.”

She had tried to teach him to be like a little lamb because of her own needs.

However, this kid was a Wolf in his bones, the alpha kind.

“Thats not important.” The corners of his lips curled up, and his tone was almost bewitching.

the important thing is, do you like it ”

Qinger bit her lip and fell into silence again.

This was not an ordinary confession.

Qinger vaguely felt that if she agreed, she would not be able to escape from this boys hands for the rest of her life.

It felt like a century had passed.

Ah Luo lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, ” “I understand.”

“What do you understand” Qingers heart jumped.

“You dont want to reject me a second time.” His voice was low and hoarse.

I dont want to hear your rejection either.

So, Yingluo ”

As he spoke, he took something out of his pocket and handed it to her.

Qinger took a closer look.

It was the key to her house.

She subconsciously took it, and when she looked up again, ah Luo had already turned and left.

His steps were fast, and his tall back quickly blended into the night.

Qingers heart sank, and a huge sense of loss suddenly hit her, making her nose sour.

This damn brat Yingluo

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