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Chapter 132: Is It for Me

Mu Xiaoyas face flushed red and she had a murderous expression on her face.

Mu Yanhuai grabbed her wrist and said to Ganova, “Sorry, we made a mistake.”

“No way!” Mu Xiaoya was going crazy.

“This is my dress!”

“Xiaoya!” Mu Yanhuai lowered his voice.

“Havent you embarrassed yourself enough”

It would be useless even if he could get the gown now.

Everyone heard that the gown was for Miss Ye, and it would only be a great joke if Mu Xiaoya made a scene again.

Mu Xiaoya shuddered with rage as she glared at Ganova.

If it werent for Mu Yanhuai, she mightve destroyed the gown.

The two actresses who had tried to suck up to Mu Xiaoya stopped talking, and the artists who had been jealous of Mu Xiaoya sneered while some even laughed out loud.

“Where did Mu Xiaoya get the confidence to do that”

“Her brother is only the boss of a small company.

How much wealth does Star Brilliance have Can she even dream of Valentino”

“How embarrassing.

Hahaha, Im dying of laughter.”

Mu Xiaoya was shaking with anger after hearing all the snide comments.

Whatever smugness she had before had been thoroughly replaced with humiliation.

Ganova was a little confused.

He had thought Mu Xiaoya was the owner of the dress when she stood there.

Now that he knew he had made a mistake, the next question would be… Where was Miss Ye

He looked around, but no one came forward to acknowledge him.

At this moment, Ye Shengge finally came out.

She heard noises coming from outside, and she was worried that her gown would be obstructed.

Thus, she decided to wait outside.

However, she didnt expect to see so many people here.

A staff member saw her and yelled, “Thats Miss Ye!”

Ye Shengge was momentarily shocked.

She then saw the European man walking toward her.

“Are you Ms.

Ye Shengge”

“Its me.

Youre…” Ye Shengge was confused.

“Im the director of the Valentino in China.” Ganova immediately took her hand and repeated what he had said to Mu Xiaoya.

“Take a look.

Are you satisfied”

After that, the other man brought the gown forward.

Ye Shengges mind went blank.

Naturally, she had heard of Valentino gowns.

This gown was indeed very pretty and she was very satisfied with it, but…

“Are you sure its for me” She asked skeptically.

“Is it really for me”

“Its for Ms.

Ye Shengge.

Im certain of that.” said Ganova.

Ye Shengge blinked, her eyes surveying the jealous Mu Xiaoya, gloomy Mu Yanhuai and the astonished crowd.

She suddenly smiled and said, “Okay, send it in.”

After the gown was delivered to the makeup room, Shang Tianyi went crazy.

He kept screaming and staring at Ye Shengge, probably because he was accusing her of not letting him know in advance.

Ye Shengge felt very helpless.

She didnt even know how but after some thought, she could only reckon that it was Sister Xiu.

However, even if Sister Xiu had enough money, she didnt have any connections.

To deliver the gown in just half an hour wasnt something just money could do.

Could it be Ji Shiting…

However, he had been so cold to her yesterday.

Ye Shengge stroked the gown, looking confused.


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