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Ye Wenhua lived in a house in the south of Yang City, and that house belonged to Ye Shengges parents.

Which meant the house belonged to her.

However, Ye Wenhua and his family didnt feel like they had been occupying Ye Shengges house.

Ye Shengge pouted and walked in.

“Shengge, here you are.” Ye Shengge had gotten very overweight these days, and he looked like a Maitreya when he laughed.

As for his wife, Li Wenqin, she looked slender and mean.

Fortunately, her cousin Ye Siyan hadnt inherited any of the flaws of her parents and could be called pretty.

“Uncle, you seem to be having a wonderful life,” Ye Shengge said sarcastically.

Ye Wenhua didnt seem to notice her sarcasm.

He said, “Come on in, weve prepared the meal for you.”

As for Li Wenqin and Ye Siyan, they looked kind of irritated.

Ye Shengge didnt mind that at all.

She sat down and started to eat.

“Shenggee,” Li Wenqin said.

“You told us youd support Siyan going to college overseas when you took the money from us to establish your company.”

“Really” Ye Shengge blinked and said.

“I remember my parents left the money to me.”

“What do you mean” Li Wenqin was impatient.

“Your uncle and I fostered you for all these years.

Weve spent so much money on you! Youve spent that inheritance! I havent asked you to pay us back yet.”

“Whatre you talking about Shengge is my niece.

How can I ask her to pay us anything” Ye Wenhua pretended to be angry and gave Li Wenqin a glare, and then, he smiled at Ye Shengge and said, “You aunt was just being rude.

Please forgive her.”

Ye Shengge was a bit surprised.

She couldnt remember the last time she had been back home, yet she never would have expected Ye Wenhuas family to be that shameless.

They were implying she owed them money.

Ye Shengge almost burst out laughing.

“Really” She said, “My parents left a list.

Should we do some calculations and see how I spent ten million dollars worth of inheritance”

“What ten million dollars Dont exaggerate things.” Li Wenqin said.

“You parents were just poor teachers.

How could they have had ten million dollars”

Ye Shengge gazed at her coldly.

Although shed been only eight years old, shed known how to read properly.

Shed read the list given by the lawyer and could remember it clearly.

“Shengge.” Ye Wenhua said.

“Youre the boss of a company now, and your company is worth at least tens of millions of dollars.

I know you dont need money.

Why are your squaring accounts with us Your aunt and I have been taking care of you for more than a decade, and your aunt cares more about you than Siyan.”

Ye Siyan also played around and looked upset.

Ye Shengge couldnt have found it more ironic.

Ye Wenhua and Li Wenqin had never tortured her, yet she wasnt treated better than a servant.

They had never cared for her, and she would starve if she missed the dinner time.

Ye Siyan was overbearing and spoiled, and she always bullied her.

If Ye Shengge fought back, Li Wenqin would beat her to comfort Ye Siyan and forbid her from eating.

How dare they say they cared about her more than Siyan


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