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Xu Xiangjie stood at the door, and he cheered internally upon seeing their interaction.

Right before Ye Shengge called him, he had been notified that the boss of the corporation would have the final say in the casting of the lead actress ofXue Ning.

Assistant Sun had also asked him about Ye Shengge.

After years in the entertainment world, Xu Xiangjie was perceptive enough to realize that the boss of the corporation had his eyes on Ye Shengge, otherwise, an investment at that level would never get to Ji Shiting.


He had even booked the restaurant here because it was close to the headquarter of T.S Corporation.

He wanted to go to T.S Corporation after meeting with Ye Shengge so that he would be able to see Ji Shiting.

Little did he know that Ye Shengge would be drugged by someone.


He immediately contacted assistant Sun, after which Ji Shiting arrived, which proved his assumption.

However, he was still amazed that Ye Shengge had managed to attract Ji Shiting.

Ji Shiting pinched her jaw and saw her throwing herself toward him like a small cat.

He couldnt help smiling.

What a silly woman.

He didnt even know why, but he had put away his work and rushed there the second he had heard Sun Ye say that the woman seemed to be drugged and unwell.

Even if the woman rejected him, Ji Shiting still thought she was his woman.

Which was why he wouldnt allow any man to violate her.

He then picked her up and carried her in his arms.

Ye Shengge felt that her head was spinning, and then, she realized she was in someones embrace.

How comfortable.

She couldnt help taking a deep breath and wrapping her arms around his neck.

She then bit his Adams apple with her mouth.


And then, she felt the man tense his muscles and gasped.

She mustve hurt him.

Ye Shengge felt sorry for that.

She immediately let go, but she still missed that comfortable feeling.

She then pressed her lips onto his collarbone.

Ji Shiting couldnt breathe smoothly anymore.

The woman seemed to have lit up his body, and the flames spread through his veins.

He needed to swallow his spit to suppress his desire.

Ji Shiting looked at the woman in his arms, who was blushing and rubbing against him like a cat.

And then, he left the room with Ye Shengge in his arms, and he saw Xu Xiangjie standing at the door, waiting for him.

Ji Shiting gazed at him for two seconds, then Xu Xiangjie couldnt handle the pressure and lowered his head.

“Dont tell anyone about what happened today,” Ji Shiting said with a hoarse voice.

“Sure,” said Xu Xiangjie.

There was a hotel above the restaurant.

Ji Shiting carried the woman up and walked into the bedroom, putting her on the bed.

He was sweating like hell after carrying that woman.

He took off his suit jacket, staring at the woman on his bed.

She seemed to be completely intoxicated and couldnt help tearing at her clothes.

She then lifted her dress, showing her long legs.

She turned around, probably because she couldnt have been more heated and was completely turned on.

That man missed a heartbeat upon seeing that, as if she had ignited his heart again.

He grabbed her hands and said, “Drunk the first time and drugged the second time.” He was almost squeezing his words out.

“Did you do this on purpose, Ye Shengge”


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