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Chapter 210: Cheap Silver Necklace

Ye Shengge went to apologize to Qin Youhui on set in the afternoon.

Qin Youhui had been in the entertainment world for many years, and he could tell that the man from the previous night had an extraordinary status.

He smiled and said, “Dont worry.

I know what to do.

I wont blabber and neither will Xiao Liu.”

Ye Shengge smiled at him and said, “Um, Director Xu said that we might have to remove our sex scene…”

“I understand.” Qin Youhui looked a bit embarrassed.

Although he was in the role yesterday, he did have some reaction.

Ye Shengge didnt notice it, but that man had obviously noticed it, which was why he had looked so indifferent today.

It was better to remove the sex scenes.

At least they would save him from being hated.

Ye Shengge was ashamed to see how understanding he was.

“Sorry, for my lack of professionalism…”

“Its alright.

Its not easy for everyone in this industry,” Qin Youhui smiled.

“The most important thing is to do a good job.”

“Youre right.” Ye Shengge was impressed.

She then focused fully on her role at hand.

However, Mu Xiaoya, who had disappeared for days, returned to the set.

She was very arrogant, and she walked to the set with her assistants and bodyguards.

She was wearing luxurious brands, and she had been wearing almost all the jewelry Xiao Ruilang had given her these days, as if she was afraid that others wouldnt know that she was in the limelight.

Obviously, she didnt plan to change her clothes at this time.

Instead, she went straight to the rest area to watch them film.

Lin Qi was ticked upon seeing Mu Xiaoya.

She glared at Mu Xiaoya, as if trying to kill her with a death stare.

Ye Shengge found it amusing.

Coincidentally, her scenes were over, so she went back to the makeup room to change out of her costume and take off her headdress.

She left the makeup room and prepared to return to her room to rest, but Mu Xiaoya stood in her way.

Mu Xiaoya sized Ye Shengge up as she walked over, and she sneered.

“Did your sugar daddy give you that necklace” Mu Xiaoya said as she touched the pink diamond on her neck.

“That sugar daddy of yours is so stingy to give you such a cheap silver necklace.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

She then recalled the necklace Ji Shiting had given her last night.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she grabbed the pendant.

She hadnt taken it off after putting it on yesterday, so she hadnt taken a closer look.

However, Mu Xiaoya could tell that she was feeling guilty.

“Ye Shengge, youre a star now.

You know how to cover your ugly birthmark with makeup, but why didnt you ask for a better piece of jewelry It looks so shabby.

Tsk tsk.”

Ye Shengge came back to reality and said, “Arent you afraid that Young Master Xiao will see the sex tape between you and Mu Yanhuai”

“Go ahead.” Mu Xiaoya grinned, looking fearless.

That woman wouldnt have come to provoke her again unless she had someone to lean on.

“By the way, do you want me to give you a diamond Were old friends, and I cant bear to see you wearing something so cheap,” Mu Xiaoya said with a smug smile,

Their exchange attracted the attention of some staff members, and many people were watching them.

Ye Shengge was pondering a solution for getting rid of that woman when a makeup artist exclaimed.

“That necklace…”


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