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Chapter 212: Seize the Opportunity

They all knew that Ye Shengge used to be Mu Xiaoyas agent, but they hadnt expected her to be in charge of explaining the scripts to Mu Xiaoya, helping her rehearse, and even teaching her to act in character.

So that was how Mu Xiaoya got her reputation as an actress No wonder Mu Xiaoyas performance in the cast was so terrible that she couldnt even be compared to a supporting actress.

These were the thoughts going through everyones mind as they looked at Mu Xiaoya with contempt.

Mu Xiaoya wanted to puke blood! If it werent for that woman, her relationship with Mu Yanhuai wouldnt have been exposed.

The cheek of Ye Shengge to say all this!

Mu Xiaoya wanted to argue back, but for some reason, she couldnt say a word as she watched Ye Shengge leave.

She gritted her teeth, stomped back to her makeup room, and threw everything on the dresser to the ground, calling her a slut!

“Sister Xiaoya …” Xiao Qi said.

“Your phone is ringing …”

Mu Xiaoya grabbed her phone and picked up the phone after seeing the nameMu Yanhuai.

“Brother…” She sounded aggrieved.

“Why didnt Young Master Xiao ask you out today, Xiaoya” Mu Yanhuai asked.

Mu Xiaoya was a little upset.

Although Young Master Xiao was handsome, gentle, and generous, and he had never forced himself on her before, his unpredictable temper terrified Mu Xiaoya.

She didnt want to be with him at all, but perhaps this was the only chance she and Star Brilliance had.

Although Mu Yanhuai had told her the pros and cons, she couldnt help feeling sour when she thought about how Mu Yanhuai didnt mind her dating another man at all.

All the bitterness turned into hatred and she transferred it to Ye Shengge.

If it werent for Ye Shengge, Mu Yanhuai wouldnt have let her be friends with Xiao Ruilang.

She bit her lips and said, “Hes busy today.

He said hell pick me up in a couple of days.”

“Thats good.” Mu Yanhuai seemed relieved.

“You have to seize the chance, Xiaoya.”

Mu Xiaoya gritted her teeth and said, “Okay.”

She scoffed after hanging up the phone.

Thats right, she needed to seize the opportunity.

After Ye Shengge returned to her suite, she asked Lin Qi to help her get the necklace.

Lin Qis hands were shaking when she was undoing the buttons.

She blushed and said, “Sister Shengge, is this really the legendary first blue diamond”

Ye Shengge thought for a bit and said, “Probably…”

Since Ji Shiting had given it to her, it couldnt be fake.

She held the diamond necklace in her hand.

The blue diamond shone beautifully, which made Ye Shengges heart skip a beat.

The gift that man had given her was so expensive that she couldnt handle it.

Her heart ached, and she felt like crying.

“Sister Shengge …” Lin Qi said.

“Your sugar daddy treats you very well.”

He had given her everything she needed.

She had thought that acting in a TV show and setting up a studio would be a collaboration between her and Ji Shiting.

She believed that she could give Ji Shiting a great deal with her own efforts, but it was obvious that wasnt what he wanted.


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