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Chapter 255: Shes Only His Prey

“Are you jealous” Ji Shiting lowered his voice and pinched her face.

“No, Im just curious.” Her eyes glinted.

“Besides, there should be many people like Xie Siqi who are interested in you…”

Fortunately, that man had always been aloof and didnt bother to talk to women.

Otherwise, there wouldve been a great deal more socialites chasing him.

“I told you, I only want you.

Im not interested in anyone else.” He smiled.

“Only you would dare seduce me.”

Ye Shengge was speechless.

“You didnt even want to touch me back then!” She pouted.

“But that doesnt mean I dont want to be seduced by you.” He smiled.

“Keep it up.”

Ye Shengge was lost for words.

She couldnt have been more upset.

Had all the socialites having designs on Ji Shiting lost because they were reserved Had she become the enviable Mrs.

Ji because she slept with him

Ye Shengge had mixed feelings.

“I… I still have work to do,” she said, trying to slip away.

However, Ji Shiting wasnt so easily fooled.

He grabbed her wrist and said, “You havent answered my question yet.

What did you say to her”

“She likes you, so I… flaunted my love for you.

I didnt expect to agitate her like that.” Ye Shengge looked at him sincerely.

Ji Shiting curled his lips and said, “Mm, not bad.”

“Thank you.” Ye Shengge smiled and ran away.

She felt that Ji Shiting wouldnt let go of her if he found out what she had told Xie Siqi.

Ye Shengge returned to her bedroom.

She used the second bedroom as her study, and she usually stayed there when she was memorizing scripts.

She first went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror.

Since Xie Siqi said that she looked like Ling Yutong, she was probably telling the truth.

It was impossible for her to not feel anything.

However, she also believed that Ji Shiting had nothing to do with Ling Yutong after agreeing to marry her.

Truth be told, she originally suspected that Ji Shiting had never loved any woman.

Although they had been intimate so many times, Ye Shengge still felt that she was still far from his heart.

She was just his prey.

How could a hunter develop feelings for his prey

Ye Shengge took a deep breath and tried to suppress her emotions.

She really couldnt be sad right now.

She went back to the bookshelf and clicked on the script that Shang Tianyi had sent her some time ago.

Because she hadnt released any of her works yet, the scripts that were sent to her were all picked by others, and none of them interested her enough.

There were still two months beforeXue Ning finished filming, so she needed to lock down the next project before then.

Ye Shengge pondered for a bit before calling Shang Tianyi.

“You found Mu Xiaoyas video” Shang Tianyi asked.

“Um… No.” Ye Shengge felt guilty.

“Can you ignore Mu Xiaoya for now”

“How can I not care” Shang Tianyi was furious.

“It wasnt easy for the audience to post on Weibo, but they all deleted it in seconds.

The announcement that Mu Xiaoya would be fired from the cast backfired, and the account received abuse from netizens.”


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