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Chapter 263: A Torturing Scene

Ji Shiting had on a solemn look.

“He asked you to leave me” The mans voice was hoarse.

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “I refused at once.

Dont worry, I didnt hesitate one bit!”

Ji Shiting snorted and stroked her head.

“Okay, I understand.”

“Are you… mad” Ye Shengge blinked.

“I ran to the audition on impulse…”

“Of course not.” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“Am I that unreasonable”

Ye Shengge was speechless.

She looked at him with an innocent yet accusatory stare.

Ye Shengge was already traumatized by how angry he got at her over small matters.

The man snorted and pinched her face.

“I wont get mad as long as you tell me the situation.”

“Okay, I got it.” Ye Shengge was relieved.

She even pretended to be obedient and nuzzled her face against his chest.

Ji Shiting breathing got ragged because of her actions but he didnt refuse it because he did enjoy it.

Qiao Yanze, who was standing not far away from Ji Shiting, was stunned.

He had run into Ji Shiting in the morning and insisted on following him back here for a meal.

He hadnt expected to see such a scene.

However, he clearly remembered that Ji Shiting had been furious with sister-in-law in the office half a month back and now, the two of them were… so sweet

Ji Shiting was good at disciplinging people.

Look how obedient sister-in-law was now.

Qiao Yanze wanted to learn from him.

However, they remained hugging after a while, so Qiao Yanze coughed to show his presence.

“I say, its not right to leave guests outside, right”

Ye Shengge was shocked to hear that voice.

“Who is it”

Ji Shiting said coldly, “Ignore him.”

“Im just here for a meal.

Youre being too petty.” Qiao Yanze walked to Ye Shengge and smiled.

“Weve met before, sister-in-law.”

“Ah, its the Fourth Young Master Qiao.” Ye Shengge reached out her hand.

“Hello, hello.”

Qiao Yanze curled his lips and reached out his right hand, only for it to be slapped away by Ji Shiting.

“Go to the dining hall if you want to eat.

Otherwise, scram.”

Qiao Yanze cursed under his breath as he walked to the dining hall and greeted Sister Xiu with a smile.

Ye Shengge watched Qiao Yanze walk over, but she then met Ji Shitings dark eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she explained, “Its an occupational habit.”

“Get rid of it as soon as possible,” the man ordered.

Ye Shengge nodded, thinking about how possessive that man was.

The atmosphere during lunch was unusually lively.

Qiao Yanze kept talking to Ye Shengge despite being under the cold gaze of Ji Shiting.

Ye Shengge would respond at first, but she slowly became afraid of doing so.

She even dished some of Ji Shitings favorite foods to her husband.

Ji Shiting finally seemed less pissed.

Qiao Yanze was amazed.

After lunch, Ye Shengge took her leave and returned to her room, leaving the two of them alone.

Qiao Yanze smiled and waved at her, but Ye Shengge didnt dare respond.

She walked over and hugged Ji Shiting, then ran away.

“Tell me, Shiting.

How did you condition her” Qiao Yanze was dying of curiosity.

“Sister-in-law watches your every expression before she does anything!”


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