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Chapter 270: Untitled

Ye Shengges chest heaved, and she was still dazed from the kiss.

Suddenly, the man lifted her hands above her head, and he slid his hands under her clothes.

In the process, most of her clothes were removed by the man.

“Ji… Ji Shiting!” She finally came to her senses and couldnt help calling his name.

“At this time No… Its not appropriate…”

“How else can I prove how much I like you” He stared at her and said with a hoarse voice.

“Or are you unwilling”

Ye Shengges eyelashes trembled.

She had admitted defeat before, so she had tried her best to avoid having sex with him, but now that it had come to this, she couldnt reject him, and she didnt have the confidence to do so.

She tried her best to suppress the bitterness and indignation in her heart.

However, she suddenly understood why he had been so resistant when she had tried to seduce him.

She hadnt expected the tables to turn, and she was the one who cared about being used as a tool.

Its fair… She smiled bitterly.

“No… exactly” Ye Shengge bit her lips and said,” I just wanted to remind you… to be gentler.

She then looked up at him having said that.

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and looked at her.

The womans eyes were filled with tears, which made her look enchanting, but she couldnt help feeling aggrieved and resistant.

He knew that she had misunderstood, but he couldnt explain it to her.

How could he answer questions that even he didnt know

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and put her legs down.

He closed his eyes and breathed slowly.

Ye Shengge was dazed.

After a while, Ji Shiting calmed himself down and kissed her forehead, then her eyes, face and chin…

“What… What happened” She found it hard to believe that the man had returned to his dormant state.

“Ill let you go first today,” he said with a hoarse voice.

He pulled the blanket over the woman who was almost half-naked, turned around and lay down beside her.

He then hugged her and the blanket.

Ye Shengge felt even more uneasy.

She couldnt help glancing down and wondering whether he had surrendered because he couldnt control it.

That quick

Ji Shiting could tell what she was thinking from her surprised look.

His face sank and he said, “Stop looking.

Its fine.”

Ye Shengge looked away and said, “Thats good, thats good… Then why did you…”

Had he suddenly lost interest in her body It didnt seem like it.

He had wanted to skin her alive.

Ji Shiting couldnt help chuckling as he saw how confused she was.

He pinched her face and said, “I wont force you if you dont want to.”

“Who… who says I dont want to” She stammered.

Ji Shiting shot her a glance and smirked.


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