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Chapter 275: Happy Collaboration with T.S.

“Whats there to brag about” Lin Qi said disdainfully.

“Everyone in the circle knows that shes not Summer Wood.”

There were many things that were known by everyone in the circle but remained a secret to ordinary people.

“Thats right.

Thats why her identity as Summer Wood isnt popular in the industry anymore.

After all, if we find out that shes fake, well be exposed one day.

Generally speaking, the crew wont dare to use her.” Ye Shengge sighed.

“But a real director doesnt care about the actors fame.”

“Could it be that the director likes her” Lin Qis eyes popped.

“Thats right.” Ye Shengge sighed.

Chen Anzhi, was willing to repay the Xiao family viah Mu Xiaoya as long as Mu Xiaoya wasnt a wooden block.

It was fine if she couldnt do it herself, but her favorite director had chosen Mu Xiaoya as the lead actress… Ye Shengge couldnt accept this, but she had no choice.

She couldnt square up against Xiao Ruilang.

Two days later, news that Mu Xiaoya was going to star in Chen Ans new show spread online.

For a famous director like Chen Anzhi who had won an Academy Award, anything he did was news and thus, Mu Xiaoyas name trended again and many people were talking about her.

Mu Xiaoyas fans immediately felt relieved, and some even criticized theXue Ning crew on Weibo for being blind.

It was very lively on Weibo.

The crew was also surprised, and Lin Qi was furious.

“Who does Mu Xiaoya think she is” Lin Qi stomped her feet as if Mu Xiaoya was beneath her feet.

“Thats right.

Who does she think she is” Ye Shengge scrolled through Weibo calmly.

She had logged into Summer Woods Weibo account out of boredom, but she had found a Weibo post from T.S.

She had sold a song to T.S.

as an advertisement song, and now that the advertisement was out, T.S.

had even tagged her to express their gratitude.

Ye Shengge decided to repost it to show her sincerity.

“A happy collaboration with T.S.



Ye Shengge clicked send and couldnt help smiling.

She wondered if Ji Shiting could have seen that post since he knew that she was Summer Wood.

However, Ye Shengge hadnt expected the post to cause such a stir.

Summer Woods fans were all thrilled.

After confirming that the background music was Summer Woods work, they watched the advertisement over and over again.

Many people were confused as to why the official Weibo account didnt tag Mu Xiaoyas account, and instead tagged the account that had been stolen.

Logically speaking, wouldnt the person holding this account currently be the hacker

Many netizens left comments on T.S.

Corporations official Weibo, reminding that they had tagged the wrong account.

However, the editor had specially posted on Weibo that he had been in contact with Summer Woods account.

He didnt care who the account holder was, but the song was given by the account holder.

Many netizens were stunned.

Summer Woods account had been quiet recently, and Mu Xiaoyas account was very active.

All the information related to Summer Wood had been forwarded by the netizens, so they all thought that Summer Woods account was useless.

They hadnt expected T.S.

Corporation to have kept in touch with Summer Woods account.

Furthermore, the background music was as high-quality as ever, which was obviously Summer Woods style, so…

Was the real Summer Wood behind the real Summer Wood account


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