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Chapter 299: Follow Me

Ye Shengge lost her balance, and the world spun around her.

The feeling of being completely weightless was terrifying.


The man gasped, and his voice was hoarse from the wind.

He sounded like he was in pain, unlike Ji Shiting.

She didnt know why, but she didnt care about her fear even though she was in such a terrible situation.

Instead, she felt more relieved than ever.

She held her breath the moment she hit the water, and then, cold seawater enveloped her completely.

The deck was several meters from the ocean surface.

Although she wouldnt be serious hurt falling into the water from such a distance, it definitely wasnt pleasant.

The impact of falling from a high altitude made her sink considerably.

Even though she was mentally prepared, her fear and instinct made her panic.

Fortunately, it only lasted for two seconds.

After recovering, she immediately started kicking, but the hands behind her were tied.

She struggled for a long time but couldnt break free.

She had been holding her breath for a long time, and was starting to feel suffocated.

However, she had yet to break the surface.

This was the closest she had even been to the jaws of death.

Ji Shiting must be furious.

She had been so reckless and she might die here.

However, she didnt regret it one bit.

She was all by herself anyway so there was nothing to worry about.

She just hoped that Ji Shiting wouldnt blame himself or be heartbroken.

However, she believed that he would still be sad for him.

But thinking about it, this was worth it.

The feeling of suffocation intensified, and she heard all sorts of sounds of the sea.

It was dull and unreal, and at that moment, she felt the waves.

Was there someone beside her

In the next second, something grabbed her wrists and the rope binding them was untied.

She felt relieved, and then in the next second, someone grabbed her waist and pulled her upwards.

She coughed and gasped the moment her head emerged from the water.

Tears of joy were on the verge of flowing out at having survived.

At this moment, she was hit by a amalgamation of noises.

There were cries shouts and people running.

Ye Shengge finally came to her senses.

She blinked several times while treading water, and she saw the mans cold face under the moonlight.

She almost thought she was hallucinating.


“Idiot!” He gritted his teeth, looking furious.

“Why did you act so rashly”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“Why… cough, cough… why are you here Did Xiao Ruilang push you over”

She recalled what had happened on the deck.

It would have been more logical if Xiao Ruilang had been pushed over by him.

“Shut up!” The mans voice was hoarse.

“Save your strength!”

Ye Shengge nodded.

It wasnt the time to think about it, let alone argue.

The most important thing was that they had to live.

“Theres a lifeboat over there…” Ye Shengge looked at the other side of the cruise ship, and she couldnt help being pleasantly surprised.

“We cant make it.” Ji Shiting held her body and glanced at the cruise ship.

“The waterline is getting higher and higher… The cruise ship will form a whirlpool if it sinks into the water.

We need to get away from it as soon as possible.”

“Then…” Ye Shengge was dumbfounded.

“Can you swim” The man asked.

She nodded.

“Good.” Ji Shiting finally smiled.

“Follow me.”


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