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Chapter 330: Using an Ultimate Move

Shang Tianyi looked up and to his surprise, noticed a pair of cold, dark eyes.

It wasnt just cold, there was a murderous look as well.

He tensed up, and in the next second, he felt emptiness in his arms.

When he returned to reality, he saw that Ye Shengge was in the mans arms.

This man was handsome, but his expression was icy.

Ye Shengge had a slightly embarrassed look on her face.

The man stared at him and said, “Dont touch her as and when you wish in future.”

Shang Tianyi shuddered and nodded his head.

Ye Shengge had to explain, “Shiting, Tianyi is… is…”

“I know his sexual orientation,” Ji Shiting interrupted her.

“But hes still a man.”

He wouldnt have allowed Shang Tiangyi to exist by Ye Shengges side if he didnt know that Shang Tianyi wasnt straight.

However, that didnt mean he was willing to let that man hug his wife.

Besides, his attitude was so natural, which meant it wasnt the first time he had done that.

The murderous look in Ji Shiting intensified at the thought of that.

“I understand.” Shang Tianyis face was pale, and he stood straight.

“Dont worry.

Shengge is my boss.

Ill respect her in the future!”

He looked sincere and respectful, which made Ye Shengges jaw drop.

Shang Tianyi had been in the entertainment world for many years, and he had always been joking around.

This was the first time she had seen him so serious.

She couldnt help glancing at Ji Shiting.

She could only say that the man was too intimidating.

Ji Shiting seemed to be in a better mood upon hearing Shang Tianyis words.

“Tianyi, head back first.

Well talk later.” Ye Shengge shot him a glance.

“Yes, boss.

Remember to check your email,” Shang Tianyi said respectfully.

Then, he turned around and scurried away while Ye Shengge had a stared at him weirdly.

Ye Shengge was amazed.

Ji Shiting was his aloof self when the two got into the car.

Ye Shengge tugged his sleeve and explained, “He lost his composure because he was too happy today… He isnt like this normally!”

She was afraid that Ji Shiting wouldnt allow her to work with Shang Tianyi.

“What about you” Ji Shiting stared at her.

“Why didnt you tell him the first time he did that”

Ye Shengge wanted to defend herself, but under the mans stern gaze, she apologized, “I was wrong.

Ive always treated him as a good sister, so I didnt take it to heart… Ill be more careful in the future.”

Ji Shiting scoffed and pulled her into his embrace.

He still looked upset.

He didnt want to keep that woman by his side.

She had her own dream and career.

However, there were too many good-looking guys in the entertainment world.

Even Shang Tianyi who was gay, looked like a gigolo, not to mention the actors she worked with, such as Qin Youhui and others.

Ji Shiting got angrier the more he thought about it.

Ye Shengge didnt expect him to still be angry.

She mulled for a bit and used her ultimate move, hugging the mans neck and moving into a passionate kiss.

It turns out that ultimate moves couldnt be used easily.

It was like a spark in a room full of explosives and she immediately felt weak again.

After the car arrived at Qianfan Villa, the man carried her in.

Ye Shengge was so embarrassed by the excited shrieks Sister Xiu and the other servants were making.


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