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Chapter 362: Unlike Someone

Sun Ye walked in while Ye Shengge was still in a daze.

“Madam,” he said.

“The presidents clothes are here.

Please bring them to the president.”

Ye Shengge turned around and looked at the clean shirt and pants in Sun Yes hands.

She blinked and smiled, “You should send it in.”

“Ah” Sun Ye was momentarily stunned.

“I suddenly remembered I have something to attend to and shall take my leave first.

Please inform Shiting later.” Ye Shengge waved at him and walked out of the office.

Sun Ye couldnt catch up and could only watch Ye Shengge leave.

He felt like crying but no tears would come out.

Why was this couple bickering again

Ye Shengge was in a good mood after standing someone up.

She remembered that her studio was nearby, but she hadnt yet visited because of various reasons.

Thus, she called Shang Tianyi.

Shang Tianyi was cautious.

“Your sugar daddy knows youre coming, right He wont come, right”

“Dont worry.” Ye Shengge coughed and despised Shang Tianyi for being timid.

He had only seen Ji Shiting once, so why was he so scared

“Thats good.

Ill pick you up at the intersection.” Shang Tianyi was relieved.

“Speaking of which, most of our staff havent met their boss yet.”

Ye Shengge felt guilty.

“…Thats why I want to take a look.”

Ten minutes later, Ye Shengge arrived at Shisheng Studios office.

The office wasnt big, but it was cozy.

There were only a dozen or so staff, but they all looked very energetic.

“Ive hired three agents.

You can speak to them in person later,” Shang Tianyi introduced.

“The studio is still small, and there arent many departments.

Im still hiring.”

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Shang Tianyi glared at her and said, “Thats right.

I havent had sex in almost two months, unlike someone who cant close her legs every night.”

“…” Ye Shengge blushed.

“Youre exaggerating!”

“But your sugar daddy is so handsome.” Shang Tianyi sighed.

“Hes so handsome.

Really, hes better than all the male celebrities in the entertainment world.

His aura isnt something ordinary people would possess… Unfortunately, hes a straight guy.

Sigh, if only I were a woman.”

Ye Shengge felt that something was wrong, so she interrupted him, “Dont worry.

He wont like you even if youre a woman.”

“Oh, youre jealous already”

Ye Shengge hated the wordjealous.

She changed the topic and said, “Tell me what scripts have been delivered recently.”

The two of them chatted along the way, and Ye Shengge got to know all the staff.

In the end, they talked about the artists who had signed the contract.

Shang Tianyi was very excited at the mention of good-looking young men.

“Theyll be signing the contract in a few days.

Come over if you have time.”

Ye Shengge had to remind him, “Calm down, Comrade Shang Tianyi.

I know youre very horny, but you cant have any improper sex with the artists in the company.”

Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes.

Elsewhere, in the presidents office of T.S.


Ji Shiting came out after changing his clothes, but he only saw Sun Ye.


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