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Chapter 365: Shisheng

Ji Shiting stopped in his tracks and curled his lips.

He wasnt the only one who heard it.

Sun Ye and the two bodyguards beside him also heard it.

Sun Yes lips twitched, not knowing whether he should praise his wife or light a candle.

In the office, Mu Yanhuai was dazed for a bit before he realized whatliving well meant.

He felt as if he had been punched.

Perhaps it was because he was furious and jealous, but he couldnt even control the muscles on his face.

“You… slut!” He walked toward her with bloodshot eyes.

Ye Shengge was shocked.

Shang Tianyi walked over and saw what was happening.

He dragged Ye Shengge behind him and pointed at Mu Yanhuai.

“What are you doing Get lost!”

The other employees stood up as well, waiting for Shang Tianyi to throw him out.

Mu Yanhuai had to suppress his anger.

“Good, very good.

Listen, Ye Shengge.

Youll come back and beg me one day!”

He then tugged at his tie and strode out of the door.

He walked out of the door and saw a tall and cold man walking toward him.

Mu Yanhuai was dazed.



He had attended the Ji familys banquet before, so he recognized the man.

Ji Shiting looked at him and said, “Mu Yanhuai”

Mu Yanhuai was thrilled.

“Thats right, thats right.


Ji, I didnt expect you to know me.

Im the boss of Star Brilliance Entertainment Company! Why are you here Are you free now I dont know if youll do me the honor.


“Shisheng Studio is owned by S.T Corporation,” the man interrupted.

Mu Yanhuai was stunned.

Shi… Sheng

Ji Shiting, Ye Shengge

Mu Yanhuai suddenly realized something.

He stared at the man in front of him and couldnt help chattering, “Ye Shengge, she… she…”

“Stay away from her in the future,” Ji Shiting said and glanced at his bodyguard.

The two bodyguards immediately understood and dragged Mu Yanhuai to the elevator.

Mu Yanhuai only returned to his senses when he felt a strong force.

He wanted to scream, but his mouth was covered by the hand of one of the bodyguards.

Mu Yanhuai couldnt tell whether he was more furious or terrified.

It turned out that Ji Shiting was Ye Shengges backer.

No wonder she and Ji Shiting were the only ones dancing at the Ji familys dinner.

No wonder Ye Shengge, who was supposed to be in his room, had become Ye Siyan.

Thus, Ye Shengge and Ji Shiting were together that night.

Ah… ah….

so Ji Shiting had actually taken over his domain.

He wanted to yell out, but the moment the elevator door closed, he received a punch to his face.

After Mu Yanhuai left, Shang Tianyi waved off Shisheng Studios staff and said, “Go back to work.”

He then grabbed Ye Shengges shoulders and looked her up and down.

“Are you okay Mu Yanhuai is such a bitch.

If you see him in the future, just give him a hard time.”

“Of course Im fine.

You came before he even touched me.” Ye Shengge smiled and looked up, only to meet the mans dark eyes.

She froze.


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