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“Come in!” said Ji Shiting while he picked up and opened a document.

It was usually his assistant who came in, so Ji Shiting didnt think about it much.

However, he then noticed the gait was different.

Both assistants and shareholders would make sure they walked lightly, but the person walking to his office still sounded like she was rushing even though she was trying to keep quiet.

Ji Shiting frowned, looked up and saw a beaming face.

His pupils contracted, and he closed the document and picked up the company phone, “Security, come.”

“Hey!” Ye Shengge immediately hung up the phone.

“I promise, Boss Ji.

Itll only take you a few minutes.

I wont get in your way.”

She blinked, trying to get him to empathize with her.

Ji Shiting looked at her, looking overbearing, then he put down the phone and said, “How did you get in”

“I… I threatened assistant Sun.” Ye Shengge coughed.

“Dont blame him.

It was me who forced him to do it.”

The man curled his lips and said, “Didnt expect you to have that in you.”

“Im capable of more than you think.” Ye Shengge seized the chance and put the project plan on his desk.

“Lets talk about cooperation, Boss Ji.”

Ji Shiting looked into her blinking eyes.

He snorted and leaned against his chair, looking indolent with his handsome face.

“Ill give you three minutes,” he said.

Which meant she needed to summarize her plan in three minutes and make him think it was worth it.

“Heres the deal…” Ye Shengge passionately told him her plan.

“In conclusion, I reckon its a win-win for both of us.

What do you think, Boss Ji”

“Not good.” The man still looked very relaxed, and he wasnt impressed at all.

“A small studio cant be profitable.

Even if T.S.

Corporation wants to get into the entertainment industry, it wont choose a tiny plan like this.

Sorry but I dont see any point in cooperating with you.”

Ye Shengge hadnt expected her project plan to be denied like that.

“Then, what if I join as well” Ye Shengge refused to give up.

“I can be your woman, and Ill be there anytime you want.”


“Miss Ye.” The man curled his lips and said in a contemptuous way.

“Youre really sneaky, arent you”

Ye Shengge didnt even dare look at him straight in his eyes as she was so diffident.

She was sure that the man had figured out what she really wanted.

Her brain was in a mess, and she said, “You… Theres no loss for you.

My legs are still sore.

Do you remember how many times you had sex with me that night Four times! We did it with several positions!”


Ye Shengge recalled the details from that night, alleging what an animal that man had been.

However, she suddenly felt awkward halfway through her speech, and she could feel the tension growing in the air.

She looked up, and accidentally saw that mans gloomy and inscrutable eyes.

He was no longer chilling, and he was breathing deeply and heavily like a beast.

Ye Shengges heart couldnt help beating faster and faster.


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