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Chapter 380: She Had a Big Birthmark On Her Face

Ye Shengge didnt know what was going on, but she still walked over and sat on his lap.

The man hugged her tightly and said, “I havent seen you in days.

Did you miss me”

His voice was deep and hoarse, sounding lazy and seductive.

Ye Shengges ears heated up, and she nodded.

“Of course I do.

Thats why Im back!”

Ji Shiting lifted her chin and stared at her.

He didnt know whether it was his imagination, but this woman was more eye-catching than when he had first met her.

Her facial features were exquisite and seductive, but they had only been exquisite in the past.

Now, they were more elegant and seductive.

Perhaps even she hadnt realized this change.

Xiao Ruilang had approached her to attack him, but did that man really not have any feelings for her

Ji Shiting couldnt help feeling irritated.

Ye Shengge saw his solemn gaze and asked, “What happened”

The man didnt say anything but lowered his head and kissed her lips.

The consul of Yang City, Jun Huas family home.

In the front yard, Xie Siqi hung up the phone and smiled at Ling Yutong.

“Dont worry.

Its Grandpa Ji whos going for the test.

He wants a great-grandson, so hell definitely acknowledge Little Zheng.”

“Grandpa will definitely put pressure on Shiting after the test results are out, right” Ling Yutong asked.

Xie Siqi nodded and said, “Of course.

Grandpa wont take Little Zheng away with your status.

He can only accept you and your son.”

“Im afraid Shiting wont agree, right” Ling Yutong smiled bitterly.

“Sometimes, I think we should just give up.

I can lead a good life with Little Zheng anyway.”

“No, you cant give up.” Xie Siqi grabbed her hand.

“Youre Shitings childhood sweetheart.

You have a son.

Although he doesnt love you anymore, you two still have a relationship.

Do you want to see that woman flaunt her power”

Ling Yutong bit her lips but didnt respond.

She stood up and said, “Ill go see Little Zheng.”

Little Zheng was drawing in Jun Huas study.

Although they werent related by blood, Jun Hua had always been good to his grandson in name.

After finishing his work, he went over and looked at his work with interest.

“What are you drawing”

“I drew the scene today,” he mumbled.

“This is my mother and I.”

He didnt know much about words, so he would draw out what he remembered after filming every day.

This was how he practiced acting at a young age.

Jun Hua looked at the woman in palace clothes written by Little Zheng and said, “Do you know who played your mother”

“I do.

Her name is Ye Shengge,” the little girl said.

“Shes Ji Shitings wife.”

Jun Hua stroked his head and asked, “Have you seen her without makeup”

Little Zheng was dazed.

“You;ll definitely remember it if youve seen her before.

I heard from others that she has a huge birthmark on her face,” Jun Hua looked at him and said slowly.

That day, the girl had drawn a red rose on her face to cover the birthmark.

If it were an adult, they would definitely wonder how Jun Hua knew that Ye Shengge had a birthmark on her face.

However, Little Zheng couldnt figure it out yet.

He blinked and said, “Yes, Ive seen it once.”


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