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Chapter 388: You Really Miss Me, Huh

Ye Shengge picked up her phone and saw the nameJi Shiting on the caller ID.

Her heart ached.

She had never cared so much about someone before.

She had been hated since she was young, so she fought against the world in order to protect herself.

No one likes me, and I dont want anyone.

That was what she had thought back then.

That was why she hadnt devoted herself to anyone, and she hadnt allowed anyone to hurt her.

That was why she had been so afraid that she would fall in love with Ji Shiting.

She didnt know what she would do if he didnt want her anymore.

She felt so weak and inferior in love, as if the girl who had been mocked and insulted had never grown up.

However, Ji Shiting was so overbearing and unreasonable.

He wanted her emotions to fluctuate because of him, and he wanted her emotions to fluctuate because of him, so he barged into the world in her heart that no one had ever stepped into before.

Even if she struggled, she could only admit defeat.

She didnt even know that Ji Shiting was already so important to her, so she couldnt take it even if it was just a slight chance of hurting him.

Her phone was still ringing.

Ye Shengge sniffed, tried to calm herself down, and picked up the phone.

“What are you doing” The man sounded lazy and upset.

“Why did you take so long to pick up the phone”

“I was thinking about you…” She blurted out.

On the other end, Ji Shitings breathing became heavy.

After a while, he smiled and said, “Whats happening with you these few days, huh”

In the past, that woman would say she missed him when he called her, but she would only say sweet nothings when he asked her first.

“…” Ye Shengge was a little upset upon hearing his chuckle.

However, she couldnt take back what she had said.

She snorted and said, “Perhaps Ive been possessed.

The one speaking with you just a moment ago wasnt me.”

The man chuckled, “Do you really miss me”

His hoarse voice sounded gentle.

“Ah…” Her face heated up, and she looked at the ceiling.” I didnt really miss you.

I was just casually thinking.

“Okay, rest early then,” Ji Shiting said with a smile.



Ye Shengge couldnt help feeling disappointed at the call ending.

She felt that she was really being possessed.

She sighed, got out of the bathtub, washed her hair, put on her clothes, dried her hair, and applied all kinds of skincare products.

An hour had passed by the time she finally finished grooming herself.

She walked out of the bathroom and prepared to return to the bedroom, but when she passed by the living room, she realized something was wrong…

She blinked several times and looked towards the sofa.

The man put down his legs, stood up and walked to her, smiling.

Ye Shengge was shocked stiff till the man reached over and stroked her cheek.

“Whats wrong Didnt you say you missed me” He curled his lips.

“Is that how you should be when you see me”


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