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Chapter 40: I Feel Sorry for You

“Youre worrying too much, grandpa.” Ji Shiting still looked completely calm.

“Im not interested in any girl.”

Grandpa tried to suppress his disappointment, but he eventually failed, “Is it because of the girl from Lings family”

Ji Shiting lifted his eyebrows and asked, “Who”

“Dont play dumb.

Is it because of that girl Ling Yutong”

Ji Shiting relaxed his tense face and said, “No.”

“No I tried to get you to engage with her, and you didnt object! Then the girl went overseas instead of marrying you, after that, you never agreed to being engaged to anyone.

Its definitely because of her!” Grandpa frowned.

“If you really want her, Ill get her back and force her to marry you!”

Ji Shiting couldnt help smiling, “Grandpa, are you going to destroy your lifetime reputation because of this”

“Im doing it for you!” Grandpa Ji couldnt have been angrier.

“Even if you get her back, I still wont marry her.” Ji Shiting had no more patience.

“Please head back if you dont have any other issues.”

“Ill stay here!” Grandpa Ji snorted and looked to his butler, “Jin, ask Sun Ye to bring me the report, Ill read it here.”

“Yes sir,” Uncle Jin answered and headed out.

Ji Shiting stroked his forehand and saw the womans doe eyes as he looked down.

Shed heard the conversation between him and his grandpa, and she found it unbelievable.

Ji Shiting was able to figure out what she was thinking, and she looked solemn, trying to warn her.

However, the woman stuck her tongue out and blinked at him.

She had long eyelashes, especially when he looked at her at this angle.

Every time she blinked, his heart missed a beat.

Ji Shiting was turned on, and he felt a warmth in his body.

“Shiting, do you really think Im worried about our descendants” Grandpa Ji was still trying to convince him.

“Im already eighty years old.

How long do you think I can live for Youll be all alone when I pass away, and with all the pressure from the company as well.

I will feel sorry for you!”

Ji Shiting swallowed his saliva and said, “Youre overthinking, grandpa.”

His voice already sounded hoarse.

Grandpa hadnt noticed as he was still fully immersed in his emotions.

“You father passed away when he was young, and hes the only son I had.

You too, are the only son he had.

You took over the company when you were twenty-two, and its been five years.

Im happy, but also sad seeing how the company has prospered.”

Ji Shiting couldnt even hear his grandpas voice anymore.

The woman saw his bodys reaction, and her breathing became rapid.

Her breathing on his legs only made him more excited.

He kept taking deep breaths, but seeing that womans blushing and her surprised face, he couldnt control his drive, especially when her mouth was so close to him.

Ji Shiting clenched his fist, and he couldnt even breathe smoothly anymore.

If his grandpa wasnt there, he would definitely have picked up that woman and held her against the desk.

He became hornier and hornier as he pictured it.


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