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Chapter 410: Ignore Her

“Okay.” Li Yinian seemed relieved.

She smiled, turned around and walked to the road, looking like she was about to hail a taxi.

Ye Shengge glared at Ji Shiting and said, “Why cant you take her in for a night”

“She wont agree even if you ask her to stay,” Ji Shiting said.

“Dont worry, shell be fine.”

“But Xiao Ruilang…”

“Xiao Ruilang is just trying to cause trouble.” Ji Shiting walked towards the car with her in his arms.

“As long as Li Yinian is careful and doesnt run into him, he wont cause trouble for her.

Besides, theres Yanze.”

Ye Shengge was dazed, then she realized, “You actually just want to give Fourth Young Master a chance, right”

Ji Shiting looked at her and curled his lips, “No, I just dont want to be disturbed.

After all, you should have a lot to talk to me about.”

Ye Shengge stiffened up.

After getting into the car, Ye Shengge wanted to say something, but Ji Shiting seemed to have forgotten about her.

He kept calling her as if he was planning something, and Qiao Yanze called him.

Ye Shengge was about to say something but Ji Shiting took out his laptop and started to work.

It seemed that the man was going to ignore her.

After returning to Qianfan Villa, Ji Shiting got out of the car and didnt wait for her.

Ye Shengge had to run after him.

She suddenly realized that it had been a long time since that man had treated her so coldly, and she couldnt take it anymore.

She followed the man back to the study.

Ye Shengge couldnt take it anymore seeing that he was about to return to work.

“Sorry, Shiting.” She apologized.

“I shouldnt have kept it from you.”

The man paused.

He looked at her and curled his lips.

“How is this your fault Its my fault.

Obviously, I didnt do well enough, so you still chose to hide anything from me.”

It had been a long time since she had heard such a sarcastic tone.

“I didnt do it on purpose…” Ye Shengge bit her lips.” Sorry, dont be mad.

Ji Shiting looked at her guilty and regretful face and swallowed hard.

He wasnt being sarcastic, but mocking himself.

He had thought he was about to succeed.

That woman had fallen in love with him, and she trusted and relied on him.

It was just that she didnt want to admit it yet.

However, it turned out that the trust and reliance he had thought was so weak and fragile.

She still had some reservations about him.

“When did you meet Jun Hua” The man asked.

“Um… just a few days ago.” She looked at him carefully.

“You came to the set to see me that night.”

Ji Shiting said, “No wonder you were so weird that day.”

“He talked to me about the birthmark on my face.” Ye Shengge twisted her fingers and summoned her courage.

“He said that I didnt have this birthmark from birth, but my parents put it on me later.

This birthmark might contain my childhood memories.”

The mans eyes were filled with shock.

“You didnt have this birthmark on your face when you were young”


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