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Chapter 426: Continue to Demean

Huayaos studio was very big, and it was mainly for the A-list celebrities in the company to shoot blockbusters.

The studio was being used by Director Chen today, so it was especially quiet.

Ye Shengge didnt see Director Chen when she arrived, but she saw Ling Yutong.

She was talking to a bearded middle-aged man.

They seemed to be on good terms.

Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow, not surprised at all.

Ling Yutong and John were in the same industry, so it would be weird if they didnt know each other.

Ling Yutong saw her and smiled.

“John, your lead actress is here.

This is Ms.

Ye Shengge.”

Ye Shengge walked up and greeted John.

John looked like an artist, but his eyes were shrewd.

“Thats her” John looked at her as if he hadnt heard Ye Shengge greet him.

“I dont see anything special about her.

Did An make a mistake this time”

Ling Yutong smiled and glanced at Ye Shengge.

“I dont know.

However, Ms.

Ye is obviously not satisfied with me, which is why An found you.”

Ling Yutong didnt give up any chance to demean Ye Shengge.

However, Ye Shengge wasnt afraid at all.

She smiled and said, “Adas kidding.

Im very willing to cooperate with Ada, but Ada would rather quit the cast than give me a chance.

I believe you wont do that, right”

She then extended her right hand to John.

Ling Yutong glared at her coldly.

John narrowed his brown eyes and said, “Ms.

Ye, I wont accept this job if you cant inspire me.

I believe An should have told you this”

“Of course.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Thats why Im here.

After all, I also want to know whether youre as talented as the rumors say.

If not… Ill have to ask Director Chen to continue replacing videographers.”

John was slightly stunned.

The meaning behind Ye Shengges words were profound.

What she meant was that if he couldnt cooperate with her, he would be the only one to quit.

And it wasnt because she couldnt inspire him, but because he wasnt as talented as the rumors said.

John was a famous videographer in Hollywood after all.

If it were those big shot Hollywood actors, he would feel that it was only natural for them to have such an attitude, but this newcomer who hadnt had any audition yet dared to be so arrogant

Not only was she arrogant, she was also very confident.

John was suddenly interested.

Instead of being mad, he nodded and said, “Im looking forward to it.”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Me too.”

Ling Yutong looked at her and bit her lips.

Although she hated Ye Shengge, she had to admit that the woman was the favorite of those talented lunatics in Hollywood.

She was smart, confident, and quick to react.

Most importantly, she was talented.

At this moment, Chen Anzhi arrived.

“Seems like you two have already gotten to know each other.” Chen Anzhi smiled.

“Ada, thank you for hosting John on my behalf.”

“Youre being far too polite.

After all, Im friends with John,” Ling Yutong said and bid farewell to John.

After hugging each other, Ling Yutong left.

John looked at Ye Shengge and said, “Lets begin, Ms.



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