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Chapter 436: Ye Shengge Cant Have A Child

There were not only luxury brands on this floor, but also a high-end beauty club.

Many rich ladies would come to the clubhouse for maintenance after buying luxury goods.

Xie Siqi was at the clubhouse.

She had come with Xu Shaoqing.

She was being so attentive to her stepmother partly because of Ji Shiting, and partly because it was easier for her to join Xu Shaoqings circle.

After all, older women didnt like to play with unmarried girls, but they were willing to accept her if she followed Xu Shaoqing.

She also learned about the gossip and privacy of many rich families, which could be useful when necessary.

Xu Shaoqing was doing a spa inside, and Xie Siqi was bored.

She wanted to check her bag next door, but she saw Ye Shengge the moment she walked out.

Xie Siqis eyes lit up.

She had been paying attention to Ye Shengge and knew her whereabouts, but she still couldnt get close to that woman because she was either on set or in Qianfan Villa.

If she wasnt in either place, she would be with Ji Shiting.

Xie Siqi felt jealous.

She watched Ye Shengge walk around several brands before entering the bathroom.

Xie Siqi followed her.

She stood by the door and saw Ye Shengge putting her phone in the sink.

She touched up her lipstick in the mirror, picked up her phone and called someone.

“…Hello, its me.” Ye Shengge sounded a bit dejected.

“How is it Have you contacted that doctor”

“…Not yet” She couldnt help raising her voice.

“Then what should I do I dont have much time left.

If I still cant get pregnant, the Ji family wont want me as a wife anymore! You have to think of a way!”

“…Yes, yes, yes.

I didnt know I couldnt have kids before!” She got impatient.

Xie Siqis heart beat faster!

Ye Shengge couldnt have kids

This was great news!

Xie Siqi smiled and left, returning to the clubhouse.

In the bathroom, Ye Shengge put away her phone and looked at the door.

Xie Siqi must be thrilled to hear that.

It wouldnt be long before Xu Shaoqing found out that she couldnt have kids, and Grandpa would find out soon.

When Xie Siqi had found her, she had also found Xie Siqi.

Ye Shengge had made a decision almost at that moment.

Actually, she didnt know whether she was doing the right thing, but she couldnt do anything.

Ye Shengge walked out of the bathroom and continued her shopping.

However, she suddenly realized something.

How naive was she to think that spending that mans money would make his heart ache Even if she really bought the entire mall, he wouldnt even blink an eye.

Ye Shengge suddenly felt deflated.

She was being willful just now because she wanted him to accompany her.

Perhaps it was because of the environment and status, but the mans lifestyle was completely different.

In other words, it was very outlandish.

She was hoping that he would make an exception for her, but it turned out that she had overestimated herself.

Ye Shengge mocked herself.

However, she was stunned when she turned around.


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