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Chapter 471: Do You Think I Look Better

He had heard her determination and confession, and he had let her get what she wanted in a moment of impulse.

However, after the passion faded, the man felt regret.

Ji Shiting could only hope that she wouldnt remember it even if the birthmark was removed.

After all, it had happened before she was nine years old.

Ji Shiting looked more solemn as he recalled the information Gu Yimo had sent him.

He looked at her for a while and saw that she was sleeping soundly.

He then left the bedroom with a cigarette and lighter.

He lit up a cigarette in the hallway, and after smoking, the man returned to his bedroom to make a phone call, only to find that his phone was gone.

It was probably in the car.

Ji Shiting frowned and left the bedroom again.

Sister Xiu saw him and asked, “Young Master, do you want me to prepare dinner”

“Prepare it first.

Bring it up when Shengge wakes up,” he said as he walked to the garage.

Ji Shiting soon found his phone in the car, and he saw several missed calls from Gu Yimo.

He called Gu Yimo as he walked into the villa.

Before long, the phone rang.

“Old Ji, you finally picked up the phone!” Gu Yimo complained.

“Ive made a big discovery!”

“Speak.” The mans voice became solemn.

“After sister-in-law was kidnapped, didnt she heavily injure a human trafficker, which led to the other partys death My professor had been there and tried to resuscitate the trafficker but wasnt successful.

My professor heard that it was a girl who grievously injured the trafficker and thus recorded it down.

Thats what I faxed to you back then,” Gu Yimo said.

“But it wasnt just that.

The little girl was still very terrified when her parents went to pick her up.

Thus, her father, Ye Haocheng, was hurt when he approached her.

Fortunately, the injury wasnt serious… Ye Haocheng didnt tell the doctor who hurt him to protect his daughter.

However, the doctor who took him in saw the wound and wrote it in the inpatient records.”

Ji Shiting gripped his phone tightly and said, “What else”

“Um… And sister-in-laws uncle, Ye Wenhua,” Gu Yimo continued.

“Hes very tight-lipped, but he still revealed that sister-in-laws personality changed after that incident…”

Ji Shiting didnt ask further, because he had walked into the living room and saw a familiar slender back.

The woman was wearing a thin nightdress and was squeezing juice.

Her back was facing him, and her curly hair fell on her shoulders.

He couldnt help hanging up the phone and said, “Shengge”

The woman turned around and smiled at him.

She walked to him with two glasses of orange juice and handed him one.

“You disappeared when I woke up… Sister Xiu said you would be back soon, so I made you a glass of juice.”

“You…” He clenched one of the glasses of juice and said,” Do you remember anything ”

She shook her head and said, “I remember some blurry scenes, but… I dont remember that incident you told me about.”

“Mm.” The man swallowed hard.

“Perhaps I was mistaken.”

“Thats right.” She blinked and smiled.

“So, my persistence was meaningful, right Now that the birthmark is gone, do you think I look better”

Said Ye Shengge as she brushed her face with a finger.


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