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Chapter 560: Shes Really Cunning

“But youre very good-looking.” The woman blinked.

“Your blood must be very beautiful too.”

“Dont you remember me” Xiao Ruilang said gently.

“Did you live in Linhu District before I saw you stepping on a cat once, and you even threatened to kill me if I didnt tell anyone.

Dont you remember”

She tilted her head and thought for a long time, then she finally said, “I seem to remember something.”

“Yes, we talked a lot later.” Xiao Ruilang held her face in his hands.

“I finally found you.

Can you not leave”

“Okay.” She blinked, picked up the glass and started to drink water.

“I like you too.”

Xiao Ruilang was thrilled.

“Youre so cute,” he said gently.

The woman drank all the water in the glass and smiled.

She then raised the glass and smashed it against Xiao Ruilangs forehead.

Xiao Ruilang couldnt help groaning as the pain hit him.

He was about to stand up, but he felt dizzy.

The woman opposite him hit him a second time, but the man still didnt bleed, which disappointed her.

Thus, she smashed the glass on the ground, and at the same time, she picked up a piece of glass and cut Xiao Ruilangs arm when he was about to subdue her.

“Ugh!” Xiao Ruilang couldnt help gasping.

“Ye Shengge!”

The mans arm was covered in blood, and the woman licked her lips.

She was about to take a second shot when a servant grabbed her wrist.

Even so, Xiao Ruilang couldnt help saying, “Dont hurt her!”

The woman fainted in the process of struggling and was put on the sofa.

The servant quickly brought a medicine box to disinfect and bandage Xiao Ruilang.

Although the wound wasnt deep, it still hurt so much that Xiao Ruilang gasped.

She wasnt kidding when she said she wanted to see his blood.

Ye Shengge woke up.

She was obviously confused as she looked around carefully and saw the man sitting opposite her.

“Xiao Ruilang!” She was shocked.

“Why am I here You…”

She saw Xiao Ruilangs rolled up sleeves and his bandaged forearm and suddenly understood something.

Ye Shengge felt a lump in her throat.

She remembered that she was in Song Ruyus office, but something had happened.

She ran out and bumped into Xiao Ruilang.

“You were hurt by her” She clenched her fist, and her face paled.

Xiao Ruilang stroked his swollen forehead and smiled, “Shes so cunning and cute.”

Ye Shengges heart sank.

She was tied to the chair, yet she could still escape and hurt Xiao Ruilang.

As long as she came out once, she would definitely die unless she couldnt be free.

Ye Shengge smiled bitterly.

“How can you still smile after being hurt like this Youre indeed crazy.”

“You and Ji Shiting divorced, right” Xiao Ruilang licked his lips and said.

“I know Grandpa Ji wont allow you to stay with Ji Shiting.”

“So what if I am” Ye Shengge looked at him coldly.

“Why dont you consider me” Xiao Ruilang said gently.

“I like you and her very much.

You can rest assured being by my side.”


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