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Chapter 569: Never Left

Im still your wife.

Of course Im happy.

Ill break your legs if you ever date another woman again.

‘Shiting, you dont have any work tonight, do you Can you accompany me

Our house looks amazing.

I never thought I could live in such a big house before.

This is my home, and youre mine.

The womans soft and delicate voice seemed to still ring in his ears, but he felt as miserable as he had been yesterday.


That woman had been lying to him the entire time.

Ji Shiting chuckled.

Grandpa Ji couldnt bear to see that.

“Shiting, youve always been aloof.

I never expected you to be so devoted to a woman.

Thats why you pretended to have amnesia to fool me.

Its not that I didnt suspect it, but I didnt expect you to do this for her.” Grandpa Ji sighed.

“I thought you werent like your father, but it turns out you two are indeed father and son.

Our Ji family hasnt had many children in several generations.

Thats probably the reason.”

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and grabbed the divorce agreement from his grandpa.

Grandpa Ji thought he was going to tear the agreement apart, but Ji Shiting just clenched it tightly.

Although the agreement was wrinkled, it was still intact.

As you wish.

The man said.


Three months later.

The winter this year seemed to be especially long, but no matter how long it was, it had passed.

As the temperature started to rise, spring flowers bloomed everywhere, and the entire Yang City was filled with vitality.

There were three hottest topics on Weibo recently.

Firstly,Xue Ning, which had been constantly released during the filming period half a year ago, had finally been aired.

This show was aggressive, and it reached the peak as soon as it started airing.

The exquisite scenes, the actors meticulous acting skills, and the exciting and deep plot made the show gain both ratings and reputation.

All the lead actors who were involved in the show became popular with the show.

Mu Xiaoya, who had finally regained some popularity, was mocked by everyone because she had been kicked out of the cast.

Among them, the lead actress Ye Shengges performance was even more amazing.

After the show was aired, all the negative comments surrounding the newcomer broke down and she became the most anticipated newcomer actress of the year.

However, even though her popularity had soared, she still kept a low profile and didnt participate in any promotional activities.

According to Ye Shengges agency, the person in charge of Shisheng Studio, who she controlled, said Ye Shengge was currently overseas and focused on the shooting of Director Chen Anzhis new movie,Cross, so she refused all interviews and activities.

This news made the netizens expectations forCross reach a new height.

Secondly, Li Yinian, a newcomer singer who had signed with Shisheng Studio, had shot to fame with her breathtaking beauty and a song that had a classic and jazz style,Never Left.

‘Never Left had also become popular on the streets.

What was worthy of praise was that Summer Wood was the composer ofNever Left, which made netizens speculate more about Summer Woods true identity.

The third hottest topic was related to Ji Shiting, the future heir of T.S.



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