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Chapter 574: Who Are You Getting Married to



Ji Shiting walked out of the elevator and walked to his office.

He seemed to be pondering, so he didnt notice his surroundings until a figure rushed up and blocked his way.

“Shiting” The woman sounded surprised and gentle.

Ji Shiting frowned and looked over.

“Why are you here” He sounded impatient.

The impatience in the mans voice pierced Xie Siqis heart.

“Mom asked me to come.” Although her heart ached, she still smiled gently.

“Mom made a dessert for you.”

Ji Shiting looked at the dessert she was holding and smiled.

For some reason, Xu Shaoqing had become addicted to cooking recently.

He would either deliver soup or desserts, and Xie Siqi was always the one running errands.

“Sun Ye,” the man said.

Sun Ye stepped forward and smiled, “Leave it to me, Ms.


He had been taking over Xie Siqis gifts recently, and it had basically gotten into the stomachs of the secretaries and assistants.

Xie Siqi pursed her lips but didnt hand over the desserts as she usually did.

She looked at Ji Shiting and said, “I heard youre getting married again”

She sounded aggrieved.

Ever since Ye Shengge left, Xie Siqi had been trying to get close to him, using Xu Shaoqing as an excuse.

Men wouldnt refuse to see her, but he had never smiled at her.

Xie Siqi wasnt in a hurry.

She had been waiting for so many years, and she didnt mind waiting another year or so.

Even if Ji Shiting dated all kinds of women, she didnt care because she knew that Ji Shiting didnt care about those women.

She believed that no one could last longer than her.

However, before she could make any progress, she heard that the man was getting married.

Xie Siqi couldnt sit still anymore.

She knew very well that she had put in a lot of effort to separate that man and Ye Shengge.

In the end, she had succeeded not because of her efforts, but because of luck.

Ye Shengge that woman was actually mentally ill.

However, Xie Siqi knew that she couldnt be so lucky every time.

Most importantly, she didnt have much time left.

Thus, she had to seize the opportunity this time.

Xie Siqi didnt want to give him any desserts, so Sun Yes hand stopped in mid-air.

Sun Ye felt embarrassed for her.

However, Xie Siqi didnt care about the awkwardness at all.

She looked at Ji Shiting and said, “Mom heard about it and made me ask you.”

“Its none of your business,” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“You can call me if she wants to know.”

“Are you” Xie Siqis eyes were red.

“Arent you going to tell me this”

“So what if I am” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“Who are you marrying” Xie Siqis voice trembled.

“It wont be you.” The man was running out of patience.

“You can leave now.”

Xie Siqis face paled.

“Its me.”

Another womans voice came from behind Ji Shiting, and Xie Siqi heard the sound of high heels and light laughter.


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