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Chapter 577: Cold Dark Eyes

Shang Tianyi scratched his head and said, “Its just a rumor that hes getting married.”

“When have you seen news about him being broadcast freely” Ye Shengge mumbled.

“Without his permission, there wouldnt be so much discussion online.”


“Tianyi, dont say anymore,” Ye Shengge interrupted him calmly.

“Ill think of a way to work with our resources.

Go sit down first.

I need to talk to Director Chen.”

However, Shang Tianyi wouldnt let her go so easily.

“Im asking you, do you still have feelings for Mr.

Ji” Shang Tianyi said.

“Why do I feel like youre not sad at all”

Ye Shengge stopped in her tracks and looked at the Aegean Sea.

Arent you sad

She recalled that day when she got up from the mans embrace and left Qianfan Villa to meet Lin Qi at the airport.

She had been so calm that she hadnt shed a single tear.

Lin Qi had asked her why she wasnt upset.

She didnt answer.

She still didnt want to answer that question, even though she knew the answer.

She came back to reality and smiled at Shang Tianyi, “Director Chen is waving at me.”

Shang Tianyi could only watch her leave.

‘Cross was considered a mystery film, but it had a lot of questions, so it was mostly centered around the script.

Ye Shengge had finished most of her scenes, and Director Chen was very satisfied with her performance, so she would be done in about a week.

After talking to Director Chen, Ye Shengge went back to Shang Tianyi.

“I dont have any scenes today.

Lets go back to the hotel to change and then go to the beach to get some sun.” Ye Shengge smiled at him.

Shang Tianyi was still upset, but seeing Ye Shengges smiling face, he couldnt lose his temper and said, “Okay.”

On the way back to the hotel, Ye Shengge greeted them and smiled brightly.

A young and handsome Caucasian man came to hug her, and she didnt reject him.

Instead, she smiled and talked to him.

Shang Tianyi felt his eyes burn.

Although he knew that this was the most normal etiquette in Europe, and there was nothing to criticize, Shang Tianyi still recalled the chill Mr.

Ji had given off after he had hugged that woman in excitement.

Even Mr.

Ji would be jealous if he was gay, let alone the Caucasian man in front of her who was obviously interested in Ye Shengge.

He kept praising her, but Ye Shengge seemed to enjoy it.

What if Mr.

Ji saw it

Shang Tianyi suddenly felt a familiar chill, which made him shiver.

What happened

Shang Tianyi rubbed his arms and looked around.

Then, his heart pounded fast.

The hotel was a classic Greek-style building.

Before entering the main door, there was a pillar structure.

At this moment, he and Ye Shengge walked through the pillar structure to the entrance of the hotel.

The figure that made his heart pound was standing beside a pillar not far away, only five meters away from them.

The man was tall, and he was wearing a suit.

His handsome face was expressionless, but his dark eyes were filled with coldness, which made him look cold.


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