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Chapter 595: He Should Only Look At You

Ye Shengge didnt sleep at all that night.

She watched as the sky lit up outside the window, and many images flashed through her mind.

In the end, she saw Ji Shiting with a knife in his chest, but he still had a gentle smile on his face.

His dark eyes were gentle, comforting, and loving, but there was no fear or regret.

She had made the right decision.

Besides, she had once been loved by that man, so she had nothing to regret.

But why did her heart still hurt so much

Ye Shengge knew it was time to get up when she heard footsteps coming from the hallway.

Although she hadnt slept all night, she wasnt sleepy at all.

Because she was young, even if she stayed up all night, there werent any traces on her face, which didnt affect her acting today.

After washing up, Lin Qi and Shang Tianyi arrived.

Both of them looked gossipy.

“Was it very intense last night” Shang Tianyi glanced at the bed, only to find that it was clean and tidy.

“Thats right.

Why didnt Mr.

Ji stay behind to have breakfast with you” Lin Qi said.

“He didnt spend the night here last night,” Ye Shengge said.

She paused and added, “Were done.”

Both of them were shocked.

However, seeing Ye Shengges pale face, they didnt ask anything.

“Lets go have breakfast, Sister Shengge.” Lin Qi sounded upset.

“Sure.” Ye Shengge smiled.

All the crew members were there, so the buffet restaurant downstairs was very lively.

Ye Shengge greeted them with a smile.

She then saw Ling Yutong and Little Zheng.

She took a deep breath and looked around, but she couldnt find Ji Shiting.

She didnt know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

However, Ling Yutong saw her and walked toward her after comforting Little Zheng.

“Are you okay” Ling Yutong looked at her face and said worriedly.

“Shiting returned to Yang City this morning.

What happened between you guys”

Ye Shengge couldnt help shaking.

“…He went back”

“Mm.” Ling Yutong nodded.

“I only found out about his message when I woke up this morning.

We dont stay together.”

Ye Shengge looked at her blankly, as if she hadnt realized Ji Shiting had left.

Ling Yutong sighed and said, “Wait.”

Ten minutes later, Ye Shengge and Ling Yutong sat down at an empty table in the corner.

Not far away, Lin Qi and Shang Tianyi were accompanying Little Zheng, but they were still paying attention to Ye Shengge.

“Do you think I want to marry Shiting” Ling Yutong smiled.

“Is that why you were so shocked when you saw me with her yesterday”

“He denied it later,” Ye Shengge said.

“He wont marry me or any other woman.” Ling Yutong sounded dazed.

“You know, I was delusional when I heard that he had lost his memory, but I soon realized that it was impossible between us.

Youre the only person in his eyes.

Ive known Shiting for so many years, but Ive never seen him invest so much attention and effort in any woman.”


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